ALERT**GalaxyHydro 300w Full Spectrum LED



Glad they are sending you a new light… @Screwauger… Problem may turn into potential!


Galaxy hydro is out of California I believe. I’m sure they purchase the lights with their branding applied. So while it’s hard to be sure where exactly your stuff will ship from, it’s entirely possible it will be domestically.

Definitely don’t get rid of anything if you don’t have to. Most or all of your parts could indeed be recycled and put towards a diy upgrade. Once you get your replacement, I’d be happy to help you get something going.


If @Countryboyjvd1971 is right about it being a driver issue could be pretty easy to replace with a higher quality driver. All depends on how they are labled.

I still think there’s a pretty good chance it could be a simple wiring issue. Loose, sloppy, or even something damaged. Have you opened up the case yet @Screwauger?


No @dbrn32 not yet though I planned to once they decided what to do.
It’s odd because at first she said she would send a new driver if I would put it in and “help them diagnose this problem” by sending them more pictures and my assessment if it fixed the issue.
Then I heard nothing after 10:45pm Monday so I emailed her back early this morning. It was then that she replied:

“I’m sorry , steven .
I should contact you yesterday or early morning today .
But because of power cut and typhoon in shenzhen , I got back to work just a few hours ago .
About the problem you faced , since our engineer said it is not easy to repair , so we would like to send you a new one directly , you don’t need to send back the defective one to me .
Please give me your address and phone number, so that I could send you a new one soon .
Thanks for your support and sorry for my delay .
Waiting for your reply .
Have a nice day .
Miss Max.”


Hence my reply, “is this light shipping from China?” LOL

I haven’t heard back but there is a 12hr time difference so, there’s that.


I agree. If you’re working around the issue for the meantime, go ahead and wait til you get the replacement.

Personally, I don’t think it would be that big of a deal to replace the drivers. But who’s gonna argue with them sending a whole new unit lol.

Once you get the new light operating, tag me and we’ll see if we can’t figure out what’s going on.


I thought it was odd that she wanted pics to show the engineers and then said she would send a new driver; then switches to the engineer thought it was “not easy to repair” leading me to think hmmmm maybe they know there is a loose wire as opposed to a driver issue.


Hard to tell what they’re thinking @Screwauger.

The drivers do have some capacitance, and there are some auto switching features within them that could cause some issues. But to keep that many diodes on for that long doesn’t sound like any of those would be the culprit. To provide that kind of power, there has to be some sort of constant voltage leak. I’m not sure where, or how, because it could be a number of things. But we could probably work through most of them. Would you mind answering a few questions?

  1. Does the light have an on/off switch? If it does, does the string of lights go on/off when it’s switched and the timer is off?

  2. How long had the light been in service prior to you noticing the issue? Is it possible that it had been this way since you received it? Or you know it worked properly for some amount of time, then failed?

  3. Do you have a multimeter, how comfortable are you with using one?


Thanks for this @dbrn32

  1. No on/off switch or any switches for veg/bloom.
    I’ve only done it once since I have a field of budding tops under it but based on my tests, I could open the tent right now after the timer has been off and light unplugged since 730am, plug the light back in and those rows of diodes will glow faintly.

  2. I got the light the end of May this year and it’s been in use since then. First on an 18/6 schedule, now 12/12. Frankly, this could have been present from day one because a quick glance into the tent from a standing position and you would not notice those diodes glowing (no real light imprint on plants) and I tend to stay away from the tent during lights out. I just noticed it Sunday when I specifically opened the tent to look for light leaks and was kneeling down just low enough to see the in under the lights. I did not even notice it at first because my eyes went to a power strip and a red glow on the opposite corner of the tent.

  3. I do have a cheapo multi meter I got from Harbor Freight (discount tools) but I a) have to find it and b) am not that handy with it lol That said, my wife calls me Mr. Fix it because I have repaired dishwashers, freezers, radios, ceiling fans etc so I do have some basic electrical knowledge and tinkering abilities.

Thanks again.


This is the specific light and I have three of them. Other two have no issues that I can tell.


The factory is in china I believe they do warehouse stuff here in the states with a service department based out of California as @dbrn32 mentioned
The engineers are probably in China
I would think the would ship it from US Stock tho
It would be cheaper for them as well @Screwauger
Open the case and see if you have any loose wire as @dbrn32 as well maybe it is a. Easy fix


I don’t see any power switch. But the pc style connector for the cord I have seen issues with before. Sloppy terminations usually.


Ok, good to know you have a meter and are at least somewhat familiar.

Without taking your light apart. Would you be able to take the multimeter and set it to volts ac, then check to see if you have any voltage at the outlet for that particular plug on the timer. It should displayed some number, what you’ll want to look for is whether it scales to volts or millivolts.

If it reads volts, even just a couple volts, check your other timer too. If it reads in mv, then there is probably an issue with the driver.

I’m assuming because I didn’t check the amazon listing, it’s a multi voltage driver, good for something like 90-277 volts? Manual should say. Sometimes the internal circuitry here gets a little screwy, and can allow that little of voltage to be enough to get a small amount of power to the output.

I’ll think it about a little more in the meantime. But give that a look when you have time.


Thanks @dbrn32

Please see sketch below. Not exactly sure where you want the meter to go/check.


It’s definitely a multi voltage driver @dbrn32 FYI


Sure that should work. See if you can do it while the lights are off though. If you have to, you can just unplug the the splitter from timer and check there. I understand not wanting to interrupt light cycle.


I’m suspecting your original diagnosis of driver is going to hold true. I didn’t realize at first that this model didn’t have any power switch or dimmers. There’s very little else that could be wrong without that stuff.

We’ll check the timer for leakage, but it’s pretty unlikely since neither of the others developed the same problem when the suspect light was removed. It’s probably about time for the ol’ pat on the back and tell you good call!


Thanks. I will tag you when I can check that which could be before 730pm tonight or after 730am tomorrow. I am still looking for my meter (my OCD only applies to weed grows not tool organization). Thanks again.

I am assuming I could pick up a replacement driver and install at some point??


Absolutely @Screwauger If the drivers they use have a nameplate it should be pretty easy. If they don’t list output voltage and current, we may have to do a little guesstimating. It looked like the picture in the Amazon listing shows driver data, but I couldn’t zoom in enough to read it.

Once you get your new light, it should be relatively easy to pull cover and have a look. Once we find out output, I can find a few different options. You could probably go as far as adding a high efficiency dimming driver if you want. Or just replace with a cheapy.


Your too funny @dbrn32