ALERT**GalaxyHydro 300w Full Spectrum LED



I want to put this out there for others so that folks can check their LED lights.
I have three (3) 300W Galaxyhydro LED lights in my tent.
I have been on a 12/12 lighting schedule for 23 days.
Couple evenings ago, I unzipped a side door on my tent during lights out to double check that I didn’t have any errant glowing power strips or what have you.
Lights had been off all day for over 10 hours.
On one of the LED lights, several diodes were very dim but illuminated enough for me to see them.
The other two lights were completely dark yet this one had probably 20+ bulbs dimly glowing.
I reached up and pulled the cord on that LED and the diodes went dark, completely off.
I panicked.
Did a quick internet search, found a couple of similar issues and proceeded to change outlets, remove power strip and switched from my battery back-up digital timer to my old analog timer. LED still glowed dimly after timer off.
I consulted @Countryboyjvd1971 who thought perhaps a driver issue in the LED.
I emailed Galaxyhydro through Amazon where I purchased and within a few minutes I received an email back.
They asked me for a photo of the label on the light and if possible a photo of the glowing diodes.
Was tricky and my girls had a freaky day but I got some photos (have a said I am a lousy photographer).
As of last contact, they were sending me two new drivers and she linked a YT video how to switch them out.
If the drivers do not fix the issue, new light will be shipped.
Check your LEDs after lights out.


Thx for the heads up @Screwauger, I have viparspectra and mars hydro lights but that is bs… Do you think it screwed up your plants? Hopefully all is ok


I seriously hope not ( of course, right) lol
So far the plants are budding nicely and I see no signs of any hermies!
Prob too soon to tell.
Not sure if it’s been like that because other times I looked in there I wasn’t kneeling down like the side panel almost forces me to do.


Nice catch and thanks for the heads up!


Hope your plants are ok, wouldn’t think that should be a problem… I would never think to check that!! Now I’m gonna check tonight…


Just took a quick peek at mine. My Mars Hydro is completely dark.


I have a completely different brand. The first light that I returned for a different issue, it did exactly this when I plugged it in. Even with the switches OFF.


Check your ground!!!


I checked mine being I have 4 of the same. No issues @Screwauger glad they are taking care of you
Keep me pasted brother :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


That was the first thing I read and I have a tester and the outlet is wired correctly.

Then I moved it over to a new outlet (GFI) installed a couple years ago for the washing machine.

Same result.

Sort of seemed like they knew what it might be and the photo was to let the engineers see the pattern and rows that were lit and well, I just hope the drivers are not coming on a slow boat from China. Not a huge problem as I am still at 520 true watts if the light goes out of commission.

For the time being, I am just unplugging that one light at lights off (PITA).


Thanks for passing along the info @Screwauger. I use a 600w MH/HPS but been thinking of giving LEDs a try so it’s definitely good to know. :+1:


Someone here had a similar issue but only 1 diode was being lit. He found that a single strand of wire was not held within the crimp of connector, and was making contact contact with wire on the other side of of power switch. @BIGE was that you?

I’ve seen a few drivers fail, but never continue to power a whole string of diodes for any length of time. Led drivers aren’t really anything more than somewhat fancy power supply’s. They can’t generate their own electricity that’s for sure. Also the reason the lights go out when you unplug them. There’s voltage leaking somewhere.


I received another email overnight:

"…About the problem you faced , since our engineer said it is not easy to repair , so we would like to send you a new one directly , you don’t need to send back the defective one to me .
Please give me your address and phone number, so that I could send you a new one soon ."

So I guess it’s not a driver issue. Hmmmmmm


Take the new light and you could modify the old case if you wanted to build a spare light or make a better one :+1: Just a thought @dbrn32 can help you out I think if you wanted to do that @Screwauger
That’s pretty cool they are sending you one and letting you keep old one1 imo


My reply back was, since I bought my lights on Amazon with prime shipping, is this light going to ship from China??? I already know what that would mean.

Mind you, I am not suffering at the moment as the light works it just doesn’t fully shut off.


I don’t think it willl be on a slow boat maybe send another email requesting shipping asap since you have a crop going maybe they can send it faster ?
Worth a try


Yes I did that. I have a very expensive crop that is suffering because of this problem…lol I laid it on thick and I am waiting for her reply.

> I only suspect this because she apologized : “But because of power cut and typhoon in shenzhen , I got back to work just a few hours ago .”


I still think it’s the drivers not much else left in the light you have diodes drivers and heatsinks ?
I almost want to use your pictures and get me a new light to hahahaha
I am happy they are doing the right thing tho that’s cool imo


Yes, the lights do have a 2 yr warranty but I was a bit nervous having bought them in May and being past the return window.

Will be nice to have a fourth functional light though.


Yeah I have found most retailers on Amazon do react fast when there’s a issue tho :+1: I had a few issue over the years even after rerun window closed and none have ever refused service
Not sure if it’s a Amazon thing or what just my observation :+1: