Alcohol. Weed. Different?

I’m 65. Smoked a little when I was a teen. Haven’t smoked pot for years. Drank a little too. Started growing. On my second grow. Still like the whiskey and cigars. Tried a little of last years grow. Didn’t like it too much. It was White Widow. I know we probable all react a little different to alcohol or pot (I’m a happy drunk) but do any of you feel the same “buzz” on a particular strain as you do on an alcohol buzz? What strain? What booze?


Nope. I like single malt Scotch, Gin Martini’s and a good cigar. Haven’t found a strain that will match the alcohol buzz. Doesn’t stop me from trying different strains for insomnia.

Good luck!


Drinking alcohol while high is a waste of a good buzz.

With that being said, I like my crown and weed together, and then a cigarette, and a weed brownie for bedtime… :crazy_face:
I Sleep like a baby! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Now here is a topic I’m at home with.
Tried to smoke a little in high school. Just put me to drool sleep in class. But Alcohol? Wow… I’m 51yrs young and give me a good shot of whiskey any day. I can smoke just a little one hit and it’s lights out!! :sleeping:
Quart of shine, let’s go,
I hear that bawl mouth blue tick now!


I’m probably a weird one. I usually have a couple of drinks every evening and start when I’m done with work at 4:00 each day. I smoke mainly to treat insomnia. Once I take a hit off the pipe I have absolutely no desire for alcohol. It’s so bad that if I take a hit and still have a drink in front of me I will throw out the rest of the drink. It’s like alcohol aversion therapy once I take a start hitting the pipe.

I find no similarity between weed and alcohol. Completely different feelings for me.


Hell , I don’t even smoke. But with the help of y’all, I think I can sure damn grow it.


Weed is actually similiar to alcohol in that every strain is like a different style of alcohol sure brands of the same alcohol type are similiar but still different In flavor and drink effect. Frosty gelato, zkittle, tangerine dream are all the same energy / feel good mix but frosty gelato is more energetic and tangerine dream is more blissful but you can still get shite done. Blue dream makes you feel like your in a dream (the type where you run but don’t get anywhere) and jack herer was pure amplification with no feel good. I hear orange bud is a sexy time stimulate( gonna try that auto this fall time grow) etc etc so you have to find what suits you ohh and you can get some pretty bonkers effects when you mix strains sometimes they stack on each other and sometimes you get a high you’ve never felt before


I harvested an orange barb (orange bud x barbara bud) early last year. I didn’t care much for it. I can’t really describe why I didn’t like it - it was just a very strange high. I had about a half-pound and gave it all away.


There was a post here on best sexy time strains 2 people say it’s the best but I’m gonna do a auto version so it’s half of a lime auto from Dutch passion so who knows how thatll alter it

Im with u. Ive drank a little ive drank alot. Ni weed so far is close to a drunk high. Dude i hate the smell of beer or booze liquor or anything like. Ive watched my mom pretty much drink herself down the tubes when she was with my dad amd told myself ill never b like that. I enjoy the buzz mj brings me as o dont feel sick hungover or anything of the sort from smoking pot. Liquor is just as disgusting as it smells lol


Same I dont drink at all it’s literally poison that your body has to clean out where as pot is activating a built in system of your body, can you abuse it sure, but it won’t permanently hurt you even if you do

You can convince yourself of just about anything. Yes alcohol is bad for you. But so is MJ in different ways.

Doesn’t matter what your pleasure is, there is probably negative effects for you body.


Tell that to my brain that got 3 unbearable headaches a week before I started taking daily doses of pot now it’s down to 1-2 mild ones a month besides all things in moderation of course


@GreenSnek Never said that MJ didn’t have benefits. Glad that it is helping your headaches. It helps my insomnia.

My point was that MJ, like everything else, does also have some negative effects on the body.

Well this is my kind of convo!

Like @GreenSnek hinted at. The only similarity is the massive amount of variability in the two. I know me… im a slight substance abuser. No other substances but pot and booze. But still am… on a normal afterwork day? Its vodka for me and I PREFER a sativa leaning hybrid. Something Dreamy or Diesely. They pair up to relax me but not knock me unconscious. After a HARD day? Give me the Crown (haha @spyonyou) or the Hen Dawg lol and a lavender smelling couch arresting indica. Those Banner’s where great here. Northern Lights and Afghans also do the frocking job. My ole lady and kids can tell the absolute difference.

If we are going out for a fun night (and coming home for a FUNNER one :wink:) I want my Hendricks and something fruity tasting. Some reason fruity weeds just give me social vibes. Damn Zhittlez made her a chatterbox.

Its all personal tho. Wifey gets sleepy off Vodka and happy off Crown. And all weed mellows her out (except a few things ive grown, seriously NONSTOP TALKING) but very few can put her to sleep…

Weed is my preferred choice. But if I use enough of either, Im going to sleep.


I only smoke once or twice a month. Usually when I drank too much the previous day. by too much I mean more than a bottle. Drinking almost daily… for way too many years. All about the whiskey. Bud makes me paranoid and uncomfortable most of the time.

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I probably smoke too much weed. I’m trying to switch to vaping dabs but still love to pull bong hits. I toke all day. Usually a couple in the morning, toke a one hitter on and off while driving between jobs and after work usually have a beer or a cocktail with the wife and a toke of something…


Its been my experience that there is no buzz that “tastes like chicken” if you catch my drift. In example, marijuana is considered a psychedelic substance yet I do not think I have ever had a hallucination on weed. LSD, Psilocyban, DMT all psychedelics but not the same, not even close. Alcholol is different then weed and acid is different from ecstacy. Asking for weed to get you drunk is kinda like asking caffeine to put you to sleep.


But which one do you chose when your ailing

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Drinking and smoking gets me plastered, has a multiplier effect on me

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