Alcohol Tincture to MCT Oil?

I recently made an alcohol (grain alcohol) tincture from my trimmings. I had 23 grams of trimmings and used 6 oz of alcohol using the freezer method. I decarbed first in a pressure cooker. Me and the wife tried it the other night and the ratio was spot on, really nice even high. However, I didn’t realize how much the burning sensation would bother the wife, so here’s my question. Could I make a mark on my container, evaporate off some of the alcohol, mix MCT oil back up to that level, and still get the same ratio? Figured that might be one way to keep the same potency, but lose the burning feeling when taken sublingually.

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sounds like a good idea. I don’t know but going to wait for the answer.
maybe @blackthumbbetty she seems to be an expert on stuff like this?


Yes you can evaporate off any amount of alcohol you’d like. The end product will have the same amount of thc left. curious why you want to add MTC… for flavoring? There are so many things you can make with a concentrated QWET!

Here is a link to Blackthumbbetty’s CannaKitchen thread. She is most awesome!🍯 blackthumbbetty's Cannakitchen🍫 - #123 by blackthumbbetty

EDIT: I can help as well. Are you strictly looking for a sublingual tincture? I just made a batch of 100 gummy bears and each has 25ml of THC… same with my chocolate bars. It’s super easy to figure out how much tincture or wax to use so you dose properly!


We do like the conveniance that tinctures offer, and just being able to drop them sublingually or into drinks and what not was one reason we liked this method. This is my first grow/cook or any kind so we are open to trying whatever! I’ve got bud drying now so plenty of supply for other options. The thought behind adding MCT oil was just to keep it ratioed out the same in the dropper bottles. I was thinking about adding the MCT with some mild flavor extract to give it a more pleasant flavor. I used a calculation that gave me a ballpark of 10mg THC/1 mL of liquid, which seems to dose pretty well for us.

We would like to make edibles as well though, we’re not big smokers so most of our bud will go to some form of concentrate.

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That’s good… when I get back from work today, I’ll post my concentrates log from a different forum here and tag you in it. A lot of people have been asking so it’s about time I did something about it LOL!!!


Thanks, that would be awesome!

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I don’t know if you have tried the MCT oil for this yet, but I also wondered if you couldn’t also replace the alcohol with vegetable glycerin. Some folks have stomach issues with oil, and I’m only guessing, but glycerin may be cheaper. Glycerin doesn’t infuse as well as MCT oil, but since you have already concentrated it, seem it would work. If I try this before you, I’ll try to remember to share the results.


Let some alcohol purge off, then mix with mct.


For CBD oil, I purge off all the ethanol and mix with MCT to make drops.

There are many things, besides edibles, concentrate is used to make.


Hi I have a question if you could help me out I would be so greatful…this is my first attempt and making a tincture and I have used 47 grams of bud with alcohol and made a tincture with the magical butter machine, I then purged off all the alcohol and I’m wanting to replace the alcohol with mct oil but I’m not sure on how much mct I should add for 47 grams…do you have any idea, any help would be appreciated…thanks :blush:

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It depends on how strong you want it.

Each gram of well filtered and purged qwet extract has about 800mg of THC (or CBD, etc).

For instance, I mix 6 grams of CBD oil in 60ml of MCT. That gives me about 4800mg of CBD. I take ½ ml, twice a day, which equals about 40 mg per dose.

Thank you very much for your reply its much appreciated and that has helped a lot :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand: