Alcohol Tincture How to sweeten

I made my alcohol Tincture. But is there any suggestions on what I can use to sweeten it ? I tried sugars but it seperates from the Tincture

@blackthumbbetty do you make tinctures?

I do!

If you’re looking for a super sweet tincture, I recommend allowing a lot, if not most of the alcohol to evaporate off, then mix the oil with honey.


Thank you kindly for the reply. I have about 2.5 cups of tincture I reduce as needed. How far should I reduce it ? Till it’s thick thick oil? And heat with honey to ensure emulsified?

Thick oil is good. Definitely use warm honey. You can heat the extract up to about 90 degrees, too. Mix well while warm. Do not overheat either the honey or extract.


Much appreciated. I’ve tried sugars and syrups to no avail. Will try a honey sample this week.

I suggest taking tincture and making sugar with it. You can use it in recipes, coffee etc. Super easy, stores well.