Alcohol, rosin press and bho

Thanks it’s no different than any cold I’ve ever had. I usually catch a cold in the winter so no big deal


That’s good 2 hear. Just joke nothing bad happens and you stay safe… how’s the smoke report on the few things u did

The bho I made was harsh on the lungs I think it still had some butane in it. I did another purge in the vacuum chamber with some heat. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I over heated it.

Oh ok… good experience at least

I need a better way of heating the bho right now I’m using a hot plate but it’s lowest setting is too hot.

Seed mat? Wont get too hot, but above ambient.

I tried using a heating pad but it didn’t get hot enough

I use a hot plate 2 make my e oil

Aroma Housewares AHP-303 Single…

The one I got is similar but 2 burners lowest temps I can get on either burner are around 200+

Oh damn sorry thought it would’ve helped

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I can make the hot plate work but It’s hard to regulate temps. I have to turn it off and on and that makes the temps go up and down. The last batch I let it get too hot

Made these yesterday from some bho

Looks really light and good hows the smoke report?

Smoke report i think these are my best yet. I used #710 liquidizer and Lemon Skunk terpenes. Taste is smooth and the buzz is really good

Nice how much ml did u have 2 use it.

I used 2.5 grams of bho

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I used 2.5 grams of bho 2ml of liquidizer and 5 drops of terpenes


Im gonna make more BHO this weekend

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Thank you for thr information sir. Hope all is well. Any decisions on what you growing this year outdoor

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Im thinking of growing Godfather OG , GSC extreme, Super Lemon Haze, LA Confidential

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