Ak47/ WW first grow ever Hydroponics guidance needed!

This is my first grow ever and hoping to make it successful. Got one Ak-7 the bigger seedling to germinate and the smaller one is my WW first s seed in Rockwool didn’t germinate so she’s a little behind. Both a feminized seeds for Robert. Been at this stage for a about a week. Now I am wondering if its ok to put them in the next grow medium (DWC buckets)??? Both have roots coming out of the Rockwool and have for days just doesn’t seem like roots are growing any longer. Thoughts?


The longer you can keep them out of DWC, the easier the transition when you do make it.
Stuff in rock wool grows slowly, but it isn’t dead, so it is growing…slowly.

Just make sure the water doesn’t touch the wool, it holds too much water, needs little more, a spray once in awhile

Have you run your grow area, lights and all, for a few days to test it out?

you should be able to transplant at this stage start slow with root promoters and keep ppm low 250-300
is about as low as I can go with my tap water at 170 ppm don’t submerge rockwool in your basket add lecca run pump and adjust level so you are just getting splashes at roots and base of rockwool. Even a mist will do biggest mistake people make in hydro is too much water roots should be only part of plant getting wet. Bury sides of rockwool leave room so you can bury top once plant is a bit taller

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If roots are coming out from rockwool, and I mean good roots, then definitely put her into the DWC setup. She will begin to take off in about a week!

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Yes “Do Not” keep your water level that high , it’s not good and believe it or not but you can drown the lil seedling roots , it was my mistake when I first tried to run my setup . But if you get your water level right and just keep the roots moist with good air bubbles you will be fine , and ph 5.8 and no more than 400 ppm for the first 2-3 weeks .

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Ok thanks guys. Been keeping temps under control last two days. Had a spike the went up to 87F but got it back down so been between 76-68F water temps 70-73F. Added 1/4 recommended dose of rapid start to 5 gal tank. Did I do this too early and cause nutrient burn. Strain Roberts AK-47

not likely to have caused burn using Rapid start at quarter dose there will be some shock as plant settles in and gets roots into water the high temps would’ve been more of an issue since your plant hardly has the roots in the water yet. I suspect your res temps will drop some but you will want to keep res a bit cooler 71f is about as high as I would go any higher it holds less oxygen and promotes algae

Ok thanks Donald. Been a struggle to keep reservoir temps low been staying around 73-71F. Is that gonna be a problem I have lots of bubbles going in bucket. 3 air stones total in each bucket 1 -12in bar 1-6in bar and 1.75 in rounds stone. I also noticed some algae growing on top of rock wool what do you guys suggest I do for that??

Problems with seedlings can anyone help?
My seedlings of been in DWC buckets for about a week. Starting to notice some yellowing and Browning and both of them thought it might have been Lightburn so I move the light away? Took a couple pictures the smaller one is white widow water temps have been staying between 70° and 73°. Room temperature has been between 68 and 75 for the most part. Today it got up to 77. As you can see in the pictures there’s a lot of Browning on the white widow’s leaves do you guys think it’s from burn or under watering maybe the leaves are also drooping a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

your rock wool is too wet I can see from the pictures keep your water level lower than the rock wool

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Ok thanks I’ll adjust it

I checked water and it seemed to be low enough but I adjusted it a bit. I think the rockwool looks wet on the top because of my humidifier. The wool is not soaked all the way through as it looks in the picture. Any other thoughts of what it could be

Nothing pleasant possible N def or start of root rot? do you have roots in the water yet? what are you feeding it? your res temp is fairly high which reduces oxygen in water have you tried adding h2o2?

No I haven’t tried h2o2 yet. I’m kinda leaning towards light burn or heat stress. the ac in my place went out and cause the temps to go up when I was at work, I also had the light too close I believe. So got ac fixed and temps down moved light further away. Hopefully she’ll recover. I’m not feeding her anything yet except 1/4 of rapid start still no roots in water. I did change reservoir this afternoon so hopefully that helps and I can get the temps down.

Hi all I have been struggling with root rot. On and off throughout the grow. I believe it basically come down to keeping my reservoir temps down but that had been difficult due to the poor ac in my apartment and the high weather temperature in Florida. I’m moving to a new place in a few weeks. But would like any advice I can get on how to treat the current root rot. Until I get into new place where I can get temps under better control ???

I would recommend a root inoculant. Something like “HydroGuard”.
I use that with every DWC bucket I set up, for every weekly water change too.
Just a .5 teaspoon per gallon. I’ve never had root rot problems, and I use all organic nutrients.
But you definitely need to get your water temps in the correct range. The Hydroguard only helps to keep the good bacteria there and gets rid of the bad. It stimulates root growth as well.

And also, you can always add H2O2, or Hydrogen Peroxide. It also kills bacteria, but it kills ALL bacteria! So you have be careful with it. It also adds air to the water. But you should definitely look into it for root rot.