AK47"s auto flower not flowering after 2 1/2 months

Have them in a grow box (3ft) hydro light schedule is 20/4… Growing like crazy and are very healthy but are not flowering??? any thoughts? Thanks

flip the lights to a 12/12 just to trick them into flowering sometimes autos need help to get going once started go back to an 18/6 or 20/4 will probly only take a few days to trigger flower. Relax this means your grow is going quite well since stress is like an instant trigger for an auto flower people trigger them from seedling by transplanting them quite often

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When I started my auto’s , I started with 24/0 until they sprouted , than the first week 20/4 , than next week 18/6 for two weeks and one plant started preflowering , but the other didn’t , than I went to 16/8 for a week , than 14/10 for a week , and now 10/14 to finish . It’s what I choose to do , and my haze didn’t start to build trichomes until I switched to 16/8 , and now it’s almost finished , but the blueberry haven’t started budding at all , and since the 10/14 it’s starting to preflower .

My 1st WW auto grow, I started out and stayed at 18/6 for the entire grow. Flowering took place in week 3-4 right on time… Shortening the photo period will definitely cause the suto plant to start flowering in a few days. On the other hand; As long as it is healthy it should be flowering, and the longer it takes and bigger it gets should mean a higher yield.

Shorten the light period a couple hours as most suggested.

Will shortening the light period help well developed flowers to ripen?

I agree
My latest auto grow my babies didn’t start flowering until day 40 which is a good thing because these plants are 3 times the size they normally get which means 3 times the yield. I’m happy!!!

Yes. You can shorten the light photo period if you feel the need to manipulate finish time. :slight_smile: I have read of a lot of growers needing to do this in order to finish their auto flower plant within a certain window of time.