AK47 or Northern Lights

I started a grow this spring with 2 ak47 autos and 1 northern lights auto. They all germinated but I lost 2 of the plants due to conditions at my grow site. I made the mistake of not marking my pots and now the strain of my last remaining plant is unknown. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify which one I have left. I realize it may have to mature more to tell but the sooner I can find out the sooner I can get another plant of the other strain going.

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I’m currently growing AK48 and Northern Lights, among others.
She looks more like AK strain to me.

I have 2 AK’S going as well and they do look similar but who know’s for sure…

Can’t see pic. I grew NL last time and ak this time

Yeah cant see the pictures

Hopefully these work.

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