Ak47/ NYC diesel autos, 10 days into flowering

My first grow, I have 2 autos growing one is 10 days into flowering and the other one is just coming into flowering I think, I’m using dyna-grow! Keeping it very standard and only using dyna- foilage and dyna bloom! Any other help to improve yield ect would be much appreciated! I’m a UK grower for medical use!


First @Ganja, Welcome to I L G M and visit the lounge. Great place to talk and tell jokes

Anyway your plants are just fine. Auto’s are geneticly predermind to flower.
When you are ready for flush turn lights off for 24 he’s this tells the plant its to!r is up SNF it will kick into high gear and add more weight and reason.

Hope This Helps

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Nice looking girls! :grinning:

Thank you people much appreciated! The girls are looking fine still growing lovely! Hopefully I don’t come across many problems along the way! My next grow will be gem critical mass only one plant hoping to try and get it full potential out of what I have atm any more help much appreciated

Update on the plants still going good by the looks of it?!

Just curious, where did you get the Diesel Auto?

I’d like to try a Diesel auto sometime. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your grow, and I hope you yield more than you need.

Thanks and I got them from a website called just feminised

Can you tell me more about auto flush for 24 hrs. Im getting ready for autoflowering ak47.

Hi there this is my first grow and I’m not up to flushing yet! I need to find out new info on the flushing process for autos

Update! I worked out I have about 2 and a half weeks left of flower!?

your plants look extremely well for your first grow stay on the path your following …:grin: its working …hope you will keep us posted on your progress

Thanks hammer much appreciated! I do a slight problem on one of my autos if some one could help me please? I’ll post pics

Update on the plants I’m sure I’m nearly ready for cutting? What do others think?!

They still look pretty white to me. How are the trichs looking?

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a website called seedsupreme has an auto called “Amphetamine” and it is a ruderallis diesel cross… 24" plant, 50 days in the pot

Lol no. Look up, Crystal meth strain. Talk about potent! It’s also an auto flower.