Ak47 flowering time after veg for 6 weeks

I am growing 3 ak47 plants all are doing well i am using 648 watts of fluoresent lights and growing in miricale grow potting soil. I vegged for 6 weeks under 24 hours light cycle. I have pruned and topped through the veg period. They have been under 12/12 light cycle for 3 weeks and are flowering well with alot of buds. Now the question when will they be ready? 57 days was the advertised mature but because of light cycle i don’t know where to start counting days. I do not have any ph ec or ppm info. If my theory says about christmas but not sure. Don’t want to blow it at this point. Any help or advice is appreciated

you can’t count days they are a rough guide on when you should start watching and checking for signs they are ready. You have to watch your buds change and they will, the hairs will change colour but that isn’t the part you realy want to watch it’s the trichromes they will go from clear to cloudy to amber 50/50 cloudy/amber is my usual goal.

Hey… There, yup you can’t plan by the date, some times they go longer then advertised. Do your self a favor get a 50x mag glass so you can see the trichomes. That is best way.

Thanks for the help my plants are looking real good and I probably wouldn’t gotten this far without the Bible and everything else I found on this website thanks again. I will order new seeds next month so when these harvest I can immediately start another batch

As mentioned above. Thanks all!

You determine when a plant is finished by the trichome production rate. 20-30% amber trichomes indicates a plant that is ready for flush and harvest.

Some people like more of an up high, which is less amber trichomes, but for medicinal purpposes; 50% amber is your flush/harvest point.