AK47 autoflower


I bought these seeds from ILGM germinated 5 seeds all popped but i transplanted to quick 4 went toes up but one is growing freakishly fast! bbbb 235|666x500

LOOK AT LIGHTER pics were 1 week apart


Wow she tripled in size in one week! @Rexx


Looking good :grinning: Can you share what happened to the other 4 so we can learn what not to do? @Rexx


Looking good @Rexx I too would like to know what happened to the others.


I think i didn’t wait long enough after they germinated to plant in soil i did the paper towel way so i think is was mostly pilot error. I contacted ILGM and becky hooked me up very fair people so next batch in the works.


its unreal my first auto wouldn’t have believed it but it seam to be on point just wish i lose the other 4


Week 3.5 update growth is unreal


WEEK 5.5 just starting to flower


Week 6.5


Down the home stretch.011










Winner winner chicken dinner



And curtain AK47 auto ready for drying first auto so i’m curious of the out come



A little part of the spoils


I am so glad and impressed at your progress as a farmer. Your plants look healthy and good to go.