Ak47 autoflower topped by bugs

The leaves will look burned up and things like that, but a little different then nute burn.

The pot is small . Didnt have room for a big pot . Didnt want a big plant to take up room . I just wanted something i could practice on w/out the worry of killing it . Kind of getting a feeling for how much i can or cant push a branch down. And the reason for the skiness :grin:
Im thinking because of light. She just sits on the floor under bigger plants .

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Yea, she needs more light. Just keep practicing with her.

Buds quit growing , 95percent of fan leaves are dead/dying , Roots growing out of top of soil .
Am i rootbound ? Can i fix it ?

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Pics plz


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Bat guano and blood meal are mostly used in veg because they’re really high in N. As long as you have a complete nute system, you shouldn’t need them, especially in flower.

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So do u think that’s what his problem is high nitrogen?

I havent given her none

I looked up root bound and she had 3 of the things . Plus her roots are coming thru the top of plant

@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Nicky @repins12 @Cannabian @CoyoteCody @kaptain3d @Myfriendis410 what’s up with his girls?

Maybe rootbound and/or locked out?

What size medium are u using again I forgot?

Oh sh!+ I gotta get to bed got hella storm damage to do at work for like the next couple weeks but means double pay :grin:


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Pictures of the full plant in normal lighting will be helpful to

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Been a while since ive been on here . Here is my latest . Critical mass . Tryed aome tying down . How did i do ? Anything i should do diffrent ? Shes 7 weeks old 2’10


As long as height is not an issue for you. You will get more stretch once they begin to flower as the plant makes space for the buds. You may need to continually re-tighten to bring the stems back down if they stretch a lot.

Looks good.

Keep up the good fight!

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