Ak47 autoflower topped by bugs

@Covertgrower. Tag me in ur journals i cant seem to find how to get to anyones journals to look unless i was tagged in it and select watching lol. Fricken newbs

I have an ak that’s in ffof and flowering but only going into her 3 week. I was gonna flush her because the way she’s stunted I think she may be nute locked. So I’m gonna flush her and start her on some week 5 nutes like she’s starting to flower and see how she responds. I don’t have a RO system so I’m using distilled. But thanks. I was thinking that but wasn’t sure. I just watered her earlier today to. So I won’t be flushing her for a day or 2 probably. And the stalk splitting is actually in the ILGM we site somewhere. Robert Bergman talks about it and explains it. I believe it’s actually because it makes them work harder. But I believe hearing from hellraiser I think it was said it wasn’t actually a big difference I potency. You can tag and ask if you want. Lol.

Yes i do

Here’s my first journal. Ugly, but there’s a few lessons in there. @Mark0427

My active journal that I just keep growing in. There’s a span of nothing growing, but that’s what happens when you move. Up to date though.

So getting back to ak’s cuz somebody, @Covertgrower, decided to show off his awesome skills so we all got side tracked. Lol.
My big ak that got topped looks like she’ll be covered in buttons in a day or 2. Already looks like they’re forming. So excited. The one I have in fox farm ocean forest I just watered like yesterday afternoon before I decided to flush, it’s like she skipped her veg stage, anyways I’m gonna start flushing her either tonight or tomorrow when her soul dries up some more and start on week 5 of the ff trio nutes. Hopefully that helps a little.
Do I use the whole gallon at once to flush? Or just till runoff and then wait till the next watering ng and keep using till it’s gone?

Yes. This is recommended.
Sorry didn’t mean to clog your journal.

It isn’t even my journal! :rofl:
And thanks. That’s what I thought. I’m gonna let her get dry then go ahead and flush.

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I’ve just been in here because it fits my ak and I’ve been trying to help and compare with the OP.

8weeks old and flowering very nicely.
What u think @Shaggy
I measured her this morning . Shes 5 1/2 feet round 25 inches tall


She looks good to me. Seems as though shes gotten bushier and looks healthier. Have you been taking tips from some people on here? :rofl:

I have very much so . Trying to soak up everything i can . I have this passion for growing that i wanna just learn all i can


Here’s my ak that was topped just now.

Here’s the ak I’m talking about flushing.

@Covertgrower hey the big ak has some leaves that are curled. I’m thinking it’s because I gave it nutes 2 times in a row and not ph’d water between. Should I just keep giving her some 6.3 water for a few waterings? I didn’t think I’d need to flush her cuz it doesn’t look too bad. Or should I go ahead and flush and start nutes over and make sure to use ph’d water between?

Post pictures in your journal and I’ll take a look.

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Lemme go get some pics.

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Shes an autoflower . Have her on 20/4
She lays down like this every morning like shes sleeping untill mid afternoon . The rest of the plants are up and active . Why is she doing this ? Thx


The drooping. To me, looks like maybe an over water or under watering situation. But I could be wrong. How often are you watering and how much?

Every 3 days or so . When dry . Roughly about 1 1/2 liters

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like the issue then…

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