Ak47 autoflower topped by bugs

Had her outside in the begining . Bugs got to her and topped her . Shes a lil over 6 weeks old . Just starting to flower . But the other 4 i planted with her are all flowering great . Anything i can do to speed her slong


Not qualified to advise, but it looks pretty darn good to me, and the accidental topping seems to have turned out great other than the fact it was unwanted and done unintentionally by bugs.

Maybe if just given time, it too will flower properly? I’m not sure there is anything a person can do to speed an autoflower along… However, many experienced growers do in fact top their autoflowers, sometimes as early as possible, and seem to think the results are overall superior and worthwhile.

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Yes she looks great overall . Starting to see white hairs . Gave her a bloom booster to help along . She was maybe 10 days old when the bugs got to her . Hoping she turns out as good as she looks .


I bet she will! Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Do you know of any tips/tricks at all with the auto

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Nothing you can do to speed her up, but nothing to worry about either. She looks great. The biggest difference in growing autos is the light schedule. I grow mine 18/6 because I’m also vegging a photo and 3 clones. A lot of people run a 20/4 light schedule. Some run 24/0.


Can you run 24/0 ?
Ive heard that might hurt them that they need a lil sleep

That’s the other great debate. I prefer 20/4, but I’ve seen impressive grows under 24/0.

Impressive to what extent ? Above average on yield ?

3-5oz autos.

Whats a normal yield on an auto ?

I have a cheese auto from i49 seeds that is 10 weeks tomorrow or in 2 days and its just preflowering. I bent the main over about week and a half into the grow. Its about 3 feet wide. 2 and a half feet tall. But just now flowering. I ran a weird schedule at first thinking i was gonna get it to grow good plus i had small blurples. I did a whole day a whole night the next day til 9pm on off at 9pm back on at 9am and on for another whole day and a half. 36 on 12 off i guess. Its big but hoping it would have been done before my photos. Not likely tho.

top right biggie is the cheese 10 weeks. Top left and under are zkittles the bottom 2 small ones are white widow. All autos. The w.w. and zkittles came froim ILGM SEEDS

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Probably 2-4 for a big one. My first one was 21g dry. We’ll call it “user error”. :sweat_smile:

I got 5 now . All 2ft . Hoping i get a good yield from these

What do you mean user error ?

I f*(!+* up. :sweat_smile:

These are almost maxed in height for their strain. Flowering nicley it seems . Only roughly 10 days into flower . Hoping for good quality and yield


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They look good. Don’t be surprised if your topped girl is your best yield.

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I was thinking that but shes just starting to flower . At 6wks old .