Ak47 autoflower on day 44 from seed

First of all I want to say thanks to ilgm for sending me the best quality seeds I have ever experienced here is a picture of my AK-47 Autoflower on day 44 from seed. she vegged for two weeks and now she

been flowering for 4 weeks


Astounding bruh, congrats​:four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:

Thanks I can’t wait to see the end results. Today ill be adding mammoth p for the first time, fingers crossed

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Sweeeet looking plant , Great job, is there an entry for Bud of the Month in there!!

Man she is a beauty and you’ve done a hell of job keeping her healthy and thriving cause she is a work of art , man she is beautiful .

Thanks men. One more month to go i can’t wait

Thanks men. One more month to go I can’t wait

I’m lame… what is auto flower please ?

Automatically starts flowering without any light changes…this ak47 started flowering within 2 weeks after it sprouted… Usually a auto flower takes around 75 days from start to finish sometimes longer sometimes less but usually within the 70 to 85 day range

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