AK47 autoflower First time

Hey there,This is my first grow and I’m 10 weeks into my grow. All 3 plants are in flower and one is close to harvest. My issue is with my other 2 plants, they still have white pistils and the leaves are yellowing. I’m assuming it is just close to the end of its life? I already flushed them the other day. I got the seeds from ILGM. What’s the typical life span of these plants and what should I do about the other 2 plants.

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Got pictures?


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Using organic soil, king led 1500w

These are AK47 autos , sitting at 11 weeks from seed

How close are your lights from the top of your plants? Looks like light burn.

About 24 in, thought about chopping them, trichomes look mostly cloudy

I just switched to the king led 1500w about 2 weeks ago so most of the grow has been on a 300W