--<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4


I will say 3 to go at least because she just start flowering again… Look at the single one photo and zoom in @bob31


This one?

Or the one in the post after that? @M4ur


Yes @bob31, that one, you can see the new pistils coming out😉


I cut my outdoor plant… It’s almost nothing but it’s a learning process :wink:
I hope to get 2g from that :slight_smile:


She didn’t get very big. Wonder why? @M4ur


@M4ur that was the whole plant ?


She not get very big because she was growing very slowly… It’s the other half(lower part) of the branch(the clone from bag of seeds).
And I don’t really care about her… It was just a experiment @bob31
Congrats @Countryboyjvd1971 for the new title…
And yes…thqt is the hole plant :slight_smile:


Thanks @M4ur
Just seems strange she didn’t get bigger hahaha
You mentioned you had it outside
Did you just have it in ground or in a pot ?
I’m only curious about what it didn’t grow ?
I no you don’t care about it but I personally would try to figure out why and adjust as needed next time
Anyway bro as your aware we are around if you need anything :+1:


She was directly in the ground… And I don’t use many nutrients on her… :grin:
And from one mouth ago the temperature is very low (night 6-25 F degrees)


Ok that would explain it then @M4ur your local soil probably isn’t the best for mj
You can amend the soil next time or use liquid nutrients and I bet you’ll have much better results brother


I have a good vibe about next year :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:
I only hope to make it true!


I’m sure you will @M4ur I have a good feeling as well buddy


Day 110

Ak47 auto is almost there but I want to be more powerful, her sister is not getting me high enough :sweat:.

Bag of seeds (almost the same age, photo period)
She’s looking AWESOME, she’s have a lot of sugar and when I say this I’m referring to A Lot, it’s a fast photo period strain. Now she’s flowering even more (3rd time).party

This is her in the past, and after I put her inside.


she looks pretty powerful @M4ur be careful what you wish for! lol


I’m not afraid :sunglasses:.
She’s need to be double in power to satisfy my needs… I think I need another strain for that.


Day 114 ak47 auto.
Some closer pictures :sweat:. Fri Nov 10 11-56-16Fri Nov 10 11-54-02Fri Nov 10 11-59-46Fri Nov 10 11-55-38Fri Nov 10 11-56-33Fri Nov 10 11-57-09


that might get you where you want to be @M4ur…lol maybe a bit more amber? looks great anyway you look at it!


That is what I also was thinking… A little more amber @BIGE and maybe I will be pleased :drooling_face:


How tall is she ?


She is 1.3 feet (40cm) @CannabisLover89