--<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4


Update on my ak47 auto clone!
She’s almost done and I split the stem yesterday, I’m thinking to cut this little :christmas_tree: after 3 days after splitting the stem!
The trichomes are looking good and I will say 50% amber when I will chop her down! A lot of sugar over her and that definitely I :heartbeat:


This is her after I put her in dirt (it was a hard period for her)


After she get her roots!

And now she’s looking like this!


Post #455 is whit video on how to wash your harvest @WillyJ


So I harvest my ak47 auto clone and this is what I get(wet)


I end whit 6g from my little auto clone and she’s a good medicine😍


Update on my second ak47 auto plant and the girl from outside(a bag of seeds)
Day 90 from sprout!
The ak47 she’s recovering from nitrogen defiency (like she’s sister, same problem) and she’s starting to flower even more!

The girl from outside, also recovering after she was freezing outside on the night period (6-25 F)

Sorry for not being here like before but I’m very busy with work, family and house under construction!


Looking great :+1::+1:


That looks like 60 grams? No? @M4ur


Maybe @bob31, just if them will get double in size because now I have only half the number of buds like from previous ak47 and that give me 76.5g


Thx @WillyJ I do my best but that is a autoflowering strain so I don’t need to do pretty much anything


life happens @M4ur no need to be sorry my friend!


Day 96!
Ak47 auto


Bag of seeds (photo period plant)
Almost the same age!


More pictures whit them.


Good stuff @M4ur :+1::+1:


Thx my friend, I will not get so much from them but I think I will have enough for a while, I need to move my grow box and I don’t have the space right now and I need to stop growing :sweat:


They look great @M4ur how many weeks flowering are they?


The ak47 auto is on day 96 from sprout and the “bag of seeds” I don’t know exactly because I don’t monitor her, I put her outside after she sprout and move her inside a few weeks ago (3 I think), and she’s almost the same age whit the ak47.
Congrats for the new title @bob31 high-fivesmiley-rolling-joint48


thank you @M4ur

They are great looking girls. Hopefully they will hold you over till the next grow!

Do you know about what date the AK started flowering?


I will say day 40 @bob31


just shy of 6 weeks! Getting close, another 2 weeks more or less! @M4ur