--<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4


Oupps !!! I miss by far that one, lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:

My memory have failed me… Must be the vaping session… :wink:



That stuff will fry your brain @Niala



Lol :sweat_smile: :joy:, too late, I think it’s already been fried ha ha ha ha :wink:

11 shakig head joint smoking-banana-smiley-emoticon smiley-smoking-bong


huh??? LOL







i can see why you are pleased @M4ur,great pictures!


That’s a cool little scope @M4ur


Yep @BIGE I’m more than happy :joy:
Now I need to make it to work whit my phone :joy:
It’s only for pc.
Thx @suctionmed


Day 63 ak47 auto (lil sister)
I LST her a little more, hope she will don’t be upset… In the back are previous grow waiting to finish.
She have a lot of sugar on her tops!


Bottom pic is looking great!


Day 73 ak47 auto (lil sister)


She’s starting to get really frosty and definitely will go faster than he’s sister(120 days)


I just sneak in my house the only hope from my outdoor grow (a bag of seeds), the temperature dropped to 6f last night so winter is coming fast :sneezing_face:
If this will be a fat plant I will end whit 1, 5ft long bud :drooling_face:


Another 7.3g from last part of the plant +5g trim parts and very smalls buds…
Total 76.5+7.3=83.8g from a autoflowering strain (ak47 auto) :joy::sunglasses:


i see you @M4ur in the 1/4 pounder club!!! congrats on your harvest!!


What do you mean?
Thx a lot :wink:


Great read! I just started an AK 47 grow (2), so this was very interesting. The first one just popped through the ground today :slight_smile:

I hope mine turns out as well as yours!


This one (the harvest one) was fimmed/topped a lot of times( not recommended for auto strains but the result is pretty good). Now I have a younger one who is fimmed just one time so I will compare this two grows :slight_smile:


getting a quater pound dried out of a auto…lol
i want to get up there in the pound club,…lol @M4ur