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awesome stuff @M4ur!!


So I have a final question about this harvest.
The top buds was so dense before drying the, now are not so solid(dense) like I was hoping. The question is… Why them are not so dense/solid/rock type ?
this is mine

This I was hoping to get

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@M4ur there are different factors light intensity…additives…ect… that will factor results…your bud looks good and they will tighten up a little when cured


And this is my final weight of ak47 autoflowering strain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
76.5g I almost guessed :joy:

The big ones


Small ones… I will see what I will do whit them😉


Great guess

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

I double my 1st grow so I’m very happy… This are baby steps for me so I’m enjoying this ride!


What percentage did you use to calculate the amount of wet weigh you want to lose before they are dry. I did 4.2 divided into wet weight. Seems like you did 5 and how long did you dry them or were they dried for?


In the drying area, what was the atmosphere like? Temp, humidity? Air moving with fan?

Also, during flower what were the conditions like? I’ve experienced fluffy buds from high humidity during flower. Temp’s don’t matter as much compared to humidity level when it come to flower time. This is all just my opinion though, I’m sure someone would dispute it, but from my experience I have grown not-dense buds because of high humidity during flower.



I remove 80% of weight and I almost guessed but I was thinking at 60g first time(76.6g whit branches and stems) so now it’s 76.5g whitout stems/branches (14g of them).


I don’t know what is the atmosphere in my attic… I know is a little dry and hot but not too hot.
In flowering stage it was 45-60% so everything was OK…
Now I will see how I will manage my 3rd “party” to get my dense buds :wink:.


It would actually make sense that humidity would play a role in bud density. Denser buds would trap more moisture, leading to bud rot.

Looser buds would allow more airflow.

Hmm…that really would explain why I’ve never been able to get the density I want. The only solution I would have would be to go back inside.

Dense or airy, I still prefer my own smoke…


New toy just arrived and I’m very very pleased :joy::heart_eyes:

And this is the clone from ak47 auto.


Great pics @M4ur


The trichomes are looking good at 50x. It’s a cheap but good digital microscope.


I have one that look pretty much the same in my Amazon wish list :wink:

Great macro shots :eyes::heart_eyes::tongue::+1::ok_hand: @M4ur


Thx @Niala… For 15$ it’s pretty nice :joy:


@M4ur In the Canadian Amazon store they are none under 26$… to have it for a similar price or less, I would have to command direct from a China distributor or ebay maybe :wink:


Mine is ordered directly from china :joy::joy::joy:
Now I have a lot of products in my ebay cart, the Amazon is killing me with shipping costs so I need to get my stuff from ebay or aliexpress :grin:


You’re in Australia if I remember well, so Yeah, shipping fees are ridiculously high…

I have the same problem when I see that a product is not disponible in the Canadian Amazon store and is in it’s American counter part, even with NAFTA agreement, that U.S. present goverment wish to renegotiate to charge more fees, they charge at least the double, up to 50 times, the product price in shipping fees and I live in the same continent, at a stone’s throw away from the U.S. border…:angry::rage:

I probably command mine from Zapal’s :wink: It’s around the price you pay :wink: free shipping :wink:


I’m from est Europe. It’s very sad that we need to pay a lot for shipping costs but definitely we can search something similar and pai nothing for shipping :slight_smile: