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Nothing came out from there (I know what you mean, new pistils), I lower the light to much I think (1 feet above the canopy)


That yellow stuff was in the small “leaves” and full trichomes around her.


Yeap, that’s was I expect, new growth, lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :wink::v: @M4ur @bob31 @ktreez420


Ya I hear you but why the lower buds (1.5 feet down from light) are showing the same problem, no new whites pistils.
Maybe you are right because the rest of plant are still to young.


At 1 feet above canopy, , LED lights will, depends on the quality of it, trigger new growth every where on the plant, espacelly on the top. However, the lower part of the plant will have hormonal response too :wink:

If you let your light at this distance, I predict that your plant will develop what’s called “LED white tips”, that some say it’s light burn and some other say it’s a “trichomes on trichomes” phenomene with higher THC content top buds. Who knows, certainly not me, for the moment :wink:

However, it’s a normal hormonal response, imo, and I would not risk light burn, so, 1.5 feet max above the canopy is my recommandation…

Hoping that’s helping you @M4ur ,

Your friend,

~Al :v: :innocent:


Definitely yes… I will rise the light! :+1:


Good to ear that I have been helpful , my friend , @M4ur :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

I am out of likes @ktreez420 and it will be good to ear from the other tag too :grinning::+1::ok_hand::v:


@M4ur Wow :eyes: 104g, you have done well :+1::ok_hand: my friend :grinning:


Its good to see you back! @Niala


I agree with @Niala would raise lights some… I’ve learned when in flower you want to be especially careful how close your lights are…to close will cause problems…not sure about the led lights but the hps I get no closer than 18" and towards the end may raise them a few inches or so…this is what I’m doing this time around…trying to avoid any kind of stress if possible but still try and push them to their limits… your plants look great I wouldn’t worry so much your just about there whatever that is probably isn’t going to bother her now @M4ur :grinning::+1:


Thanks @Rugar89, I had some problem, like I said in the “garden”, however, better days are coming, I hope :wink::grinning:… It’s feeling good to be back :grinning::laughing::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:


Those lower pictures of the plant actually do look like they’re hermie’ing, I hate to say it! @M4ur be careful and keep watch on them!



If your concern is about this picture, @ktreez420 , I agree…, but a better picture will be needed @M4ur a closer one, in a “macro” mode if possible :grinning:



I hope this week will arrive my magnifier (a better one I hope). Is China cheap one so only when I get it I will know :grin:.
@ktreez420 I hope you are mistaken :joy:, but for now I can’t do anything to investigate the yellow problem.
Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge! :+1:



The outsiders :smiling_imp:
A “bag of seeds” strain 1.7 feet tall and a clone 1 feet tall(the little sister of the inside one I just harvest her 2/3)
We need to find a better name for unknown strain seeds “bag of seeds”


I agree, looking at post 502(I think). It looks like the start of a hermie flower.

If we’re right, that sucks!


The thing is that don’t look like small bananas like @WillyJ find in his buds. d60c52c28968c94666c0c5863891883e4248095f_1_281x500


Day 116! And day 50 (little sister)
I still wait her :joy:



You’ll be busy soon! :grinning:


Great job, @M4ur :+1::ok_hand:… They look awesome and delicious :eyes::tongue::+1::ok_hand::wink::sweat_smile::innocent: