--<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4


I use boveda, but they are readily available on Amazon. You gotta go with what you can get @M4ur


** Day 105 from sprout **
Still nothing :sleepy:.
Another 1-2 weeks to go before harvest, I guess!


That just means them babies are gonna get fatter!!! :money_mouth_face:


And fatter, means gooder ! @M4ur @Nug-bug


I know… I want the fatter buds in the world :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


gooder mean mo’better…lol @M4ur you are close!!!


So you accidentally broke another bud? You gonna have anything left to harvest? hahahaha @M4ur


Yes @bob31 :joy::joy::joy:. I need my meds so… :joy::joy::joy:


A quick update on my second ak47 auto!
Day 40!
This is a slow one. More LST and she’s starting to flowering.

Also testing the product of the first one and I think she’s making progress :heart_eyes:
giphy (1)


Day 108 and I saw some amber (1-2%)


I’m planning to wash my harvest!
Any tips on how to wash and what I need?
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i’ve never done this @M4ur so please share your experience with us!!!


I need to do this because when I check the trichomes I saw a lot of things on my buds + I spray my plants whit some stuff to kill the spider-mites. Now I need to know if is ok to use baking soda and lemon juice or something else. Or just fresh water only.


@Hogmaster has a good link for that
Hopefully he sees the tags and posts it for you @M4ur

Almost there maybe? Macro pics. How do these look?


This is exactly what I do


I don’t know if it’s just me but I find that they dry faster after doing a wash


And that hidrogen peroxide don’t mess with sugar or anything? I don’t want to lose anything good from my buds. @Hogmaster


I would never steer you wrong I’ve been doing it this way for a long time if you don’t feel comfortable with the peroxide just use water that’s how I started but you will see a film in the water you will not lose any goodness I promise unless you turn the hose on and put the power spray To it


Thx a lot @Hogmaster, I will not shoot whit water on them, I will submerge the buds in water (clean one)