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Fantastic response, Brother!


4 days ago @bob31


I’d wait at least two weeks. The calyx themselves look like they still have some more swelling to do, plus it looks like you’re running just a little more cloudy than clear.

I didn’t notice any amber, but I also know it doesn’t always show well in the pictures we take.

The finish is so hard to endure…


The final weeks are killing me :joy:@FloridaSon.
Like I said, last feeding was 4 days ago, last good watering was 12h ago @bob31 … I think I will cut the nutes, just water and Epsom Salt from now on.
Now I’m wandering if I need to flush her or not… I don’t want any problems anymore :grin:… She’s 97 days old today(she’s a old lady :joy::joy::joy:)


@ktreez420 I know you are using GHE nutrients what do you know about floraduo line(grow and bloom) also about biosevia? What i also need?


i’m thinking of moving to a cheaper nutrient line when i get this advanced nutrients used up…i like them and all but would just like a cheaper way that produces results… fox farm,general hydroponics,something like that.lol


@M4ur sorry bro just seeing the thread and catching up
I think you have a few weeks as well as both @Rugar89 and @FloridaSon stated good advice guys
And if it where me with an estimated harvest of two weeks I would stop feeding all together and let her eat her self
So you stop feeding just plain ph water till harvest
My friend :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: CB
That will prevent the need of a flush at the end
Which makes no sense to me to feed just to flushbitvall away ? Imho that is
Looking good tho brother :+1:Nice job


Thx @Countryboyjvd1971 . I do my best… This will be a good grow and hope I will not be disappointed on what I will get in the end (2oz at least…fingers crossed)
You people are my second family!


The question @M4ur was asking got misconstrued into something I don’t think anyone understood lol

He was asking about a post I made 11 months ago, regarding your a plant still finishing/growing after being cut. What I was talking about was the fact that if your leaves and pistils continue to yellow/brown after being cut, what about your trichomes?

If I cut my plant at 50% amber, and 50% cloudy, hung it for a week and then checked the trichomes, would they still be 50/50, or do they continue to age as they use up the last of the nutrients inside of them? It’s really just one of those weird thoughts I have every now and then and decided to post about it 11 months ago lol, @M4ur found it and was asking you guys if anyone had any thoughts on this?



@M4ur when it comes to GH nutrients I’m only well versed in the Flora line of their nutrients and their additives. I’ve never even heard of that BioSevia stuff! I have heard good things about the FloraDuo pack and thought to try them out for a comparison grow against the Flora trio line.



To my knowledge @ktreez420 they would not continue to change much if any
Now I may be wrong
And yes sir I think I did mIsunderstand the question or post my friend
Thanks for clearing that up :+1: :v:️ CB


Nice thread @M4ur! Your anticipation is probably growing and making it hard NOT to harvest! But persevere!

I’ve been experimenting a bit on harvest time. Early harvest bud maybe a slightly headier high? Frankly, more similar than dissimilar. The biggest difference, I think is that the buds gain more mass when you wait longer! They get bigger!


Thx @arpeggio. I already experienced the “to early harvest” on my first grow (bag of seeds) and I liked to be high and sober in the same time :wink: but now I need something to put me in sleeping mode so…i like to have 2 parts from her “day and night” :joy:


Upssss I “accidentally” broke one little bud :joy:
Now I need to try it :wink:


Today job!
I built a scrog setup (not finished yet) from some aluminum tube[Squeegee tailgate (for windscreen)…I don’t know if that’s is correct spelling] and 4 elbows… I want to thank you @kabongster for inspiring me!

Cut 3 little branches and put them in Jiffy tabs (ak47 auto). Maybe I will have more Christmas trees like previous one :joy:


sometimes it’s fun to get medicated and tinker…you’ll find yourself more resourceful than you imagined in what you create :wink:


sometimes my bottom!!! it is fun all the time @kabongster!! a prerequsite around here


Where it is @Ross14


Where’s what?


My thread :joy:… This is my thread man…