Ak47 auto how many weeks till flower?

So I have some ak47 auto seeds off of here and some zkittles coming in. Just wondering if anyone has ordered ILGM’s auto ak47 before and was wondering if I got some FFOF if i wouldn’t need to worry about any nutes until it started flowering? I’ve heard FFOF is good for 6 weeks. So I guess my real question is around what week does the ak really start to flower? I was gonna use some banana compost tea for flowering. I dont have e a lot of money right now. May get the tiger bloom, big bloom, and whatever that other one is from fox farms though. But then I gotta get the flush too and worry about the ph meter and ppm meter sooner and I’m only getting usually a thing or 2 at a time. So will the FFOF hold me over until it starts flowering, does anybody know?

If you use a five gallon pot you will get through grow stage and well into flowering before you will “need” any nutrients.

A seven gallon pot will get you even further.

Starting third week of flower I like to start feeding the buds, concentrating on those, rather then having to feed to keep the plant healthy. The bigger the pot, the less feeding you need to do.

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I’m gonna be using some 5 gallon smart pots. Thanks for the help!

i have ak-47 germinating now,also growing with ffof with extra perlite in 3gal pots.i also have big bloom and grow big,waiting for tiger bloom.will keep you posted.

Might wanna get 5 gallon pots or bigger. Everyone has told me the 3 gallons are too small.

Im hoping ill be o.k only have a couple germinating ,looking to get a grow under my belt and make adjustments as i go.

Just be careful with the FFOF. Sometimes it’s too hot for seedlings and young clones. I’m in 3 gallon smart pots. Amnesia auto and dreamberry auto. But I used FFOF for the bottom half of the of the pot and happy frog on the top. Happy frog is gentler on young roots. I’m in week 9 and just started feeding last week with the fox farm dirty dozen pack. I probably should of started a week earlier. But shipment was held up. Week 8 first feeding I gave them 1/4 strength…and they loved it. Next feeding I gave them 1/2 strength and they loved it as well. But my ppms are right we’re I want them…so I will probably stick with the 1/2 strength unless they go crazy and start eating a lot more. I got one that will be done probably in 2-3 weeks. And I got another one that just now is showing signs of turning to flower. Damn autos are so unpredictable. Lol. Hope this helps.

And to answer your question. Your AK could flower when ever she wants. Lol. I’ve heard of autos start flowering in 21 days…while others have taken months. I’m on day 60ish and one of my stubborn girls is just now stating. My first one to turn was about day 30. Just because the breeder or seed bank says a certain timeline for flower…is no where close to a guarantee.

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Thank you very much. That answers my question pretty well. Most likely with a 5 gallon smart pot it’ll last till flowering. And I’m gonna mix some regular dirt with the FFOF in a few inch hole for the seedling itself to be cooler and not so hot at first.

Here’s my AK47 auto at around 6 weeks.

She’s growing fast.

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Beautiful… cant wait for some stuff to come in the mail so I can start again the right way this time.

Great Advise, i dug about a 4inch divit in middle and put organic top soil for the seedling.