Ak47 auto growing slowly

It’s just a spare room, and I can’t hang lights because I’m not allowed to hang or install anything as it’s not my property. It’s my first attempt and I’m just trying to get my feet wet. I’m not looking for a big grow just have two plants

Just bought this light. A lot stronger. Has a bloom and veg setting but not sure what I should be using

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Got this closet and that light , how close should the hanging light be? No

how many weeks are thay in pic

i have same but 300wattsx4

They went about 14 weeks. Stunted from the first poor lighting I had. Didn’t get much bud but it smells amazing. Dried and currently curing. Seems very dry at the moment. Going to add 62% boveda packs

This is my plants k47 and i dont remeber yhe name of te ather plant all with the led lights