Ak47 auto day 49 from seed

I use mykos. This will be the first time not sprouted.

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Yes but ive learned 24/7 is the way to go with autos …my next auto grow will be 24/7

Ill try that. Too. I have mike taison strain and auto super hash. Going down soon.

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Leave it on all the time.

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He grows the best scrog and autos ive ever seen he told me 24 hours a day so ill be running my scrog that way in two weeks after harvesting my last auto

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Looks awesome my friend mines was about the same size at around that time too. This is also my first grow fingers crossed. But I think I am getting a nute block I believe its a ph issue because my pot (bin container) wasn’t draining properly…I didn’t make enough holes on the bottom

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Cal mag . Do you have it?

I tried calmag but still getting worst I just started flushing her today hopefully this helps

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Do you have maxi crop seaweed extract. It does great when flushing. Its 0-0-1.

Transplant it if flushing don’t help but add 40% perlite to your soil .

No I dont I am a rookie. Learning as i go. ill check my local hydroponic store to see if they have it…ill have a nightmare about this tonight trust me lol

Men I hope flushing her works because I can see a disaster already if I would of try to transplant her true story lol

How long did you waited for the 3rd seed?. I order 3 ak47 the first 2 seeds I placed it in a cup for 18 hours then I placed it on a wet paper tower and in less the 24 hours it popped and after waiting 44 days I decided to try my 3rd seed and its been 4 days and nothing yet. I wonder if the seeds have some sort of planting day limit?

Samething 24 hr soak damp paper towel 4th or 5th day. Nothing. The 2 within 30 days of each other.

Weird. I really hope they come through…if this seed don’t come through it will mess up my grow cycle :persevere:

If you have a draining issue , than its gone only get worst later in veg and early flower , besides your root system won’t develop . In order for the plant to grow and thrive you need airy soil , oxygen to the roots and good drainage anything else is wasted time trust me .

My bin container only had like 3 or 4 size 3/8" holes. I did about 30 super careful holes

If it drains you should be okay , but it won’t hurt to do the side either about 3 inches high from the bottom also the same way , the more hole , the better your roots will breath .

Mine too. Brother

Thanks I’ll do them now as soon as my coffee gets brew lol