AK autos tri’s not changing?

My AK autos have stalled - they’ve been in this world for almost 4 months now - I’d like to try to cure just for the practice - the tri’s haven’t really changed much in the last few weeks. Should I keep going or cut down and try harvesting?


Id continue to wait just keep checking om then every day or 2 looks like a good amount of pistils are still white also are you looking over the whole plant or just judging off of 1 or 2 buds?


I’m looking mainly at he main cola (I didn’t FIM), knowing that the top one is usually first to mature, right? I could have sworn all the pistols were amber but your right, looking at that photo they still look white. I’ll take them out of the tent today and get another photo in ambient light to share. Thank you kindly for your response.


Welcome ! nice bud I see mostly cloudy crystals with probably 10% Amber. For my personal use I would flush and chop. I know everybody’s looking for a different high depending on what point they harvest just my thoughts good luck.


Starting to see a pattern.

When the flowering seems to go on forever it’s because the plant is foxtailing. New female parts growing on top of old female parts and they never appear done because the parts that are done are being hidden by the foxtailing.

If you were to take apart one of you buds and look inside I think you would find amber trichomes.

It is done, cut it down.