Ak-47 Seedling Germination help

Hey folks, and thanks for reading.

   I have an interesting issue, I recently purchased 5 Feminized  Ak-47 seeds from Robert and ran into a peculiar problem... started 3 at first along side 6 seeds from another proveyor in which were two different strains 3/3. so all 6 of the other seeds popped, and grew the tap root and were planted no problem... but mt AK-47 seeds cracked and then in the span of 12 days did absolutely nothing else. 

  I  was using the paper towel method, with plate at a 45° angle, covered with additional upside down plate and heated with a thermostat heat mat at 69° and Kangen water at 6.4ph. I've been using this method the better part of the past 10 years, and never had this many fail in a row.

  I started this morning the final 2 seeds two different methods... one will use paper towel method again but bought a brand new ph tester and heat mat just in case, the other  is soaking in 6.5 water with a slight amount of 3% peroxide and will be soaked then directly planted into pot. 

  Does anyone have any other ideas on what I can do to try to get the original 3 to grow or make sure these final 2 do. Or have experience with these seeds and any particular advice of what they have learned dealing with this particular issue, or if they have seen it with other seeds. Or any advice once I do get them to start how to make sure they thrive in the beginning.

Are use Foxfarm Ocean Forest so I’ll put them in a solo cup once they crack and I use 100 W CFL when I get them in the soil within three days They’re up and ready I also use the paper towel method what’s the crack put them in a quarter inch of dirt and cover tail down

heard… thanks for your info.


If all fails here is a link. tell them what’s happend and they will take care of it.
Sorry for your problems.



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unfortunately i messaged them 8 days ago, no response. then again 4 days ago, and now this morning… no response, so that’s a swell idea my friend, but when no one responded, I turned to the forum… which isn’t seeming to be any help. p.s. update 4/5 did nothing which were all tiny seeds, the one large beautiful seed which I dropped as my final seed… that ones growing like a champ and had no problems at all.


All Mods can handle a lost, seized by customs issue like this: Copy/Paste this as a reply to customers with lost or late orders, of any klind. :slight_smile:


I am sorry your beans didn’t pop.

Here is the link to getting your order replaced.


please let me know how it works out for ya . I also mite have another way. :slight_smile: