AK-47 in hot climate

I’m considering getting AK-47 autoflower to grow outdoors this summer. However, the description says it thrives in cool climates. VA in the summer is anything but cool… Hot humid and sunny from May until late September.

Anyone know if AK-47 autoflower will grow well in hot humid weather? Anyone have any experience with this strain willing to share some insight?


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Disclaimer, i am not a master gardener or expert grower.

I have only read the AK 47 prefer a mild and dry climate. Temps in 70s durig veg and RH at 65 to 70. But flowering requires 30 to 40 RH.

But I dont know if the auto does better. Just telling you what I read. I am in NOVA and it is hot and humid here as well.

If you got the seeds already…would be cool to see if it works if/when you try.

Good luck


Bad strain for outdoor, gets powdery mildew bad. Anything with Thai in it works best like White Widow, Northern Lights. Skittlez is another good outdoor strain.


Ak47 is a great all round plant. I grew it for several years. Doesnt stink much, and finishes early. Mid Sept.