AK-47 Fem, the plant is budding and has absolutely no odor...help!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“This is an ak47 feminized that i purchased, the plant is doing good, but I have one concern, the plant is budding and has absolutely no odor. Everything I read on ak47 indicates it has a strong aroma. Even if you squeeze it, no smell whatsoever. Appreciate any input you have? I’m going to try to attach a few photos (see below). I was told by a another guy that has grown some, that their male I hope it’s not but can you confirm. I reviewed my order and it indicates feminized. I think I do have one ak that is looking and smelling more normal. I also attached a picture of it. I also have a dusk till dawn yard light, that’s aprox 40 feet from the plant that has no odor. Could that light make the plant confused as to which cycle it’s in?”


Barely in flowering state - It will smell give it a few more weeks -


Givi it a time… Will smell awesome


Well you have female flower spots so already there disagree with male, also being you ordered femenized seeds from us they would likely be femenized not male :slight_smile:

Give them more time to start smelling your barely in the first stage of flower


It takes weeks for a good noticeable smell sometimes , don’t stress just smoke :dash:

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thanks everybody, its coming along nicely.

You should be happy! Somce of us can barely get that plant to be 16 inches long! I am so happy for you!! .