AK-47 & Blue Dream Auto's (1st ever indoor grow)



Thanks for the info @Bubblehead
So I think we might try the 12/12 as well, when should we flip the lights is the question now I guess. Right away or wait a bit for more trichomes? Also, was wondering when we should stop feeding Veg nutes and switch to Bloom nutes. :thinking:


Those are your pistils shooting out not your trichomes. Awesome looking plants!!


@Bubblehead do you have pics of your autos that you flipped to 12/12 I’m having great results 18/6 and most of the research I have done almost everything is 18/6 with a few exceptions!!


I switched to flowering nutes at 8 weeks because of a recommendation from @Screwauger…if I remember correctly. You can flip the autos anytime but you may want to wait until you flip to 12/12.


I just sent an invite to my journal. You’ll have to read through it but I remember posting something about the flip.


Thanks checking it out now we’re they all autos or just a few!!


5 autos in the big tent and one photo in th small tent.


Thanks @imSICKkid
That’s the word I was looking for! Pistils :call_me_hand:


Thanks @Bubblehead
I think what we’ll do is next watering day, we’ll do just str8 water, the proceed with flowering nutes the following water day …


in my experience switching autos to 12/12 did nothing but stunt their growth and the end product was a little smaller buds that were much more fluffier. I’m not saying it doesn’t work though, I’m just saying what my results were. however, I do switch to 12/12 for the first 2-3 days once they begin to flower on their own, this jump starts the flower cycle by basically telling them “hey it’s time to focus on producing fat nugs” lol. 12/12 first 2-3 days and then back to 20/4 or 18/6. I would never suggest someone not to experiment around though, you can’t find what works best if you don’t try new techniques.


My auto is on 20/4 in coco with perlite. I’m also running the Heads Formula (6ml Micro, 9ml bloom, 1 ml CalMag). pH at 5.9/6.0.

Definitely get a pH meter. I bought a cheap amazon one, of course it sucked. Decided to invest in one that would last years, and it’s been great.

Experimenting is half the fun. And welcome to the community.


My AK looked tired all the time. Leaves were droopy and it looks unhealthy. After I flipped to 12/12 she started growing and her leaves got perky. That is just one example from my grow. Like you said ya don’t know if you don’t experiment.


odd :stuck_out_tongue: ya never know, it’s hard to really tell what works and what doesn’t work without lots of testing ya know? maybe the genetics that I tried on 12/12 just didn’t like it but the genetics you tried on 12/12 loved it. that’s a likely possibility. I feel this is why there is so much misinformation out there, sometimes us growers try something and if it doesn’t work right away we just blame it on the method/techniques we used or vice versa of course. that’s why I always try to make it clear that I’m just stating my personal experience when talking about things like this. I never want to lead anyone in the wrong direction :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! @BlazeMaze @Bubblehead @KingCrimson
We really appreciate the feed back, it’s so great to see the positive comments. We’re excited as heck to see these ladies bloom.
Still need to pick up PH meter this weekend though.

Here is as couple pictures from today :canada:


Finally, we picked up a PH meter today. Seems to be a must have according to, well… Pretty much everyone :grin:
Also, just threw in the pic of the TDS meter we use.


We are heading to the mountains for a concert and some skiing tomorrow morning. Will be back Monday evening. :crossed_fingers: Everything will be ok.
As you can see in the most recent photo with the LED turned off the two plants on the left (Jewel and Janet) have consumed alot more water than the plants on the right (Junior and Jane) from the last watering.

Decided to test out the new PH meter (never used one before), giving Jewel and Janet 1L each of straight water to get them through till Monday when we return home. Been using the weight of the pots as a guide for watering. We do have a moisture probe as well.

Jewel 1L PH 5.8 PPM 15.
Janet 1L PH 6.7 PPM 15.

Pots seem to be all similar weight, medium looks moist.

On a side note, we are going to leave the light schedule as is for now… 18/6.

Happy smoking :maple_leaf:


Here’s some closer up progress pictures.
End of week 6 from planting the seeds February 1st, 2019.


Guy your girls look great still waiting on mine


Thanks! @Smokinnuggs
Hope your grow is going well.

So we’re back home now, getting ready to do a watering on all 4 going to use just straight PH’d RO water. Next watering after this we will start some flowering nutes.


Results from tonight’s watering with no nutes:

Mar19. No fert,
Janet IN 4L PH 4.1 PPM 115
OUT PH 5.5 PPM1700
Jewel IN 4L PH 6.8 PPM 25
OUT PH 5.6 PPM 1050
Jane IN 4L PH 6.7 PPM 15
OUT PH 6.6 PPM 1250
Junior IN 4L PH 6.2 PPM 25
OUT PH 5.4 PPM 1500

Are these numbers about average? Any input would be appreciated. :call_me_hand: