AK-47 & Blue Dream Auto's (1st ever indoor grow)



Thanks @Smokinnuggs. That’s exciting, do you have pics on here somewhere?


Thanks @Bubblehead. We are DEFINITELY still learning as well. I agree that it’s going to look like a forest, probly not a bad thing tho :sunglasses:
Got one little 6" clip on fan in there at he moment, the girls seem to love the breeze.


March 12th, 2019
Finally posting on here in real time .

Decided it was time to start LST on little Junior. Hoping it helps fill the ol’ girl out a bit. Poor thing.


Nope not a bad thing. The way I look at it if the light is hitting the floor I’m wasting energy and money. :crazy_face:


here you go guy just got some amber today


Nice, what strain is she?


Blue dream almost ready!!!


Very nice looking Blue Dream!!
I hope ours turn out that good :call_me_hand:


Wich ones are on the left in your pics?All4 look great


I hope you don’t run into any problem with just running plain Coco without perlite it may get compact and stay wet!! Just watch it close IMO!!


The layout is as follows looking down on them :

AK-47 AK-47

B.Dream B.Dream


@Jarnkat Thanks for the tip , any idea what kind of problems may come about?!
Next time will add the perlite, we had no idea :open_mouth:


That’s how they are now anyways, we swapped spots earlier on in the grow. Left to right a couple times.


As long as the roots get air (meaning you don’t overwater) you’ll be fine.


Thank you, Glad to hear. @BlazeMaze
Will definitely be keeping an eye on them, it’s hard not to look at them several times a day :call_me_hand:


Sure is. I live in my grow tent lmao love checking on the ladies.


We’re starting to see a few white trichomes on Junior, Jane, Jewel and Janet.

This raises the question, with these being auto flower. What’s our next move,
Do we flip lights to 12/12 soon?


same light cycle start to end my friend. don’t need to change with autos.


Thanks for the info :call_me_hand:


There are a couple schools of thought on this. While autos will flower on any light cycle there are some who flip them to 12/12. For convenience and to experiment with my first grow I flipped mine to 12/12. When I did growth increased overnight. I am happy with the results of flipping my autos to 12/12. I expect to continue the practice. YMMV