AK 47 Autoflowers not budding

A question from a fellow grower:

"We have purchased the ak47 autoflower seeds. They are in 3 gallon pots. We are in week 12 from sprouting of these plants and they have not started putting on buds yet. Im not sure what we are doing wrong.

First, our nutrients.

We have the following nutrients:

Fox farm big bloom

Fox farm grow big

Tiger bloom buds and blooms


We discovered after a few weeks in budding stage that we thought we were having nutrient deficiencies and treated for nitrogen deficiency. Long story short, we discovered that we were under watering.

Once we started watering more they perked up and put on some serious weight but it doesn’t seem to be in the right places. We did figure that we had done something wrong and had stunted them a bit and they might take longer. Especially being in 3 gallon pots as we learned later thats not ideal.

It’s been about 3 weeks since we started watering them properly during the budding stage and 6 weeks into the budding stage as a whole. I have attached some pictures of where we are at now.

The plants are about 28 inches tall and haven’t budded. I may just be too excited but we thought these were a somewhat small and fast growing autoflower.

All stems are turning purple and they do have white pistils coming off of them. It smells very strong of weed and they look beautiful. But we are anticipating some bulk happening on the buds rather than the plant and the leaves."

Autos do what they want, when they want. White pistils is either pre-flower and or starting to flower. :+1:

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Some pictures would be helpful.

It sounds to me that you might have a photo. The with pistols you’re talking about is normal for a plant. It’s showing that the plant is read to flower. One way to test it out. Flip the lights to a 12 12 schedule. If it’s a photo you’ll see the plant stretch and with in a week and a half start to see some button buds.


White pistils are definitely pre flower or flower. I second flipping the lights to a 12-12 schedule.

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Its a Auto…you don’t have to run a 12/12. Hell I grow Autos and Photos from start to finish on a 12/12 only.


But if it’s not an auto that will let him/her know for certain.

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True…I suspect its a screw up and is a Photo. But who knows.

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Hi there growing friends,

This is my post and I greatly appreciate your advice. I have confirmed with ILGM that they ARE autoflowers so that’s a great sign!

Since I sent this, the ladies have grown about 4 inches and have FILLED THE EFF OUT! they are HUGE! As of right now they are 33 inches from the the main stem in the soil. Definitely larger than we were expecting I think I may have gotten a little too anxious about them and should have given them time. Now there are lots of new pistils and the leaves are starting to spindle around them and get full.

Still not sure if they will ACTUALLY bud considering we are so far in the process but I guess time will tell. As of right now I believe we are in week 13 of what was supposed to be an 8-10 week plant from what I understand (someone correct me if I am wrong!) Yet we still haven’t seen a bud.

The girls smell great and look beautiful. I’ll attach pictures of what I originally sent and then some from today so you can see the difference.


Hello there my growing friends,

I made this original post and after some time I think we have decided that these are NOT an auto flower. They are now about 55 inches tall and have not even tried to start flowering yet.
(I posted pictures above of the progress)

They are growing so tall that they are now experiencing severe light burn. We originally planted these seeds on 3/27/2020 and still not a single flower. They have outgrown their tent and we have had to upgrade lights and put a lot of unexpected money into even being able to keep up with these ladies growth.

We have a growing friend who recommended that we flip these to 12/12 light cycle and see what happens.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that we bought feminized auto flowers and had confirmed with ilovegrowingmarijuana that they were in fact feminized autos.

Being a new grower it has been a difficult ride trying to figure out what these ladies are doing and its been a long haul. I had also bought a mix pack of “feminized autoflowers” from ilovegrowinglarijuana and now I am very skeptical to plant them that they are not what we thought we had purchased.

Any advice on if you think we should switch them to 12/12 and see what happens? Or will that risk ruining these girls? I dont know what to do!

Hey there!

Did you have any success with this? We also have been growing an AK47 auto for the past probably 2 months and it is nearly 6 feet tall (we did no LST, obviously). I changed the light from 18/6 to 12/12 and still no buds.

Should we just scrap this?