AK-47 Auto Using LST

Hey everyone, I am relatively new to growing this plant…going on about 8 months now. I have been growing autoflowers due to their simplicity and more so space requirements. This is the fifth plant I have grown and I have been experimenting(basically learning as I go) with LST techniques, nutrient dosing, watering, lights, humidity…everything really. That’s the great thing about the internet is that you can find good information about more or less specific questions about a problem or inquiry if you know how to look for it and can filter out the BS.
Anyways here is the plant. I didn’t keep track of when I planted it, it is about two months old. The blue ruler is 12 inch/30cm. Based on the last 4 plants it has at least two more months to go before it is ready. At least in the conditions I grow in, these take a good amount longer to mature than advertised. Any suggestions on how to improve the training more? I dont know a lot about pruning. I could have had more plants by now but I broke a few or more with overly aggressive LSTing


That is a beautiful girl you have! You should be proud. She looks very well trained as is. As far as advice goes, maybe some light defoliation if she’s too bushy for light penetration. I was going to try and go scrog with a net. A plant that size looks like it could benefit from it well, but I’m no expert in the area. Shes going to fatten up very nicely. Will be watching.

I top all my autos and train them to resemble a candelabra. Looks good

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Updated pics 7/2/19


I think I can smell that picture lol. Looks great!

On a different approach…if you are doing 4+ months, you might consider a short fast growing photo strain. White Widow is famous for being a short bushy easy to grow strain that delivers a good harvest in 4 months.

@tanlover442 What are the benefits from growing a photo plant in 4 months vs an auto? Is the yield much bigger? 4 months is maybe a bit of the stretch but 3.5 is probably more realistic. Anyways heres new pics.

Your girls look great. Should have many big buds to keep you smiling for long time.

Photo will give a larger harvest, but, will take longer than most autos.

Difference is that you can light disturb autos if needed.
And you can disturb photo all other way.
Repot them, high stress them. Can’t says it’s bigger yield, never don’t do 1-1 grow auto vs photo.

Ak27 express, outdoor.