AK -47 Auto Flower Help

Hey Every One,

Its been a while since i posted. I hope you all are well.
As for my first grow. WOW what a learning curve.
Between the outside grow, the inside grow, the transplant and three clones i tried. I bit off a little more than i should of. So on to my second grow and my question. I have four AK-47 auto flowers going. When is the best time to switch from veg lights to grow lights.
I have 2 dual 600W HID and 2 dual 450W LED Lights.
And is there any other tips you may have. These seem to grow really different than my other grow.
Thanks all,


I would change them at first sign of pistols :+1:
Which is normally around the third week with autos from my experience

I like you’re frame! Did you build that yourself?


Hey Mattybear,

I did indeed and i am so happy with it. As long as it don,t fall.
I got tired of all the rope and dealing with each light up down up down.
One pull does it all. I made it out of some scrap aluminum.


I’m a DIY lover lol. I’m not the best at it so I like seeing what other people do and adjust to my needs. I’m following along!

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Thanks, I’m right there with that time.
I cant wait to see end results.

Thanks again

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Hey bud i was just thinking with autos if you have leds with veg / bloom switches i would keep them both on with autos first he whole grow
The others change bulbs when you see first pistols

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Thanks, it happens that is what i did with the leds and am switching to HPS bulbs tonight.
Thanks guy

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nice light rack!

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Wow very clean space @havenfuninthesun I’ll be following along bro

I’m going to try this because i do not know how to continue with my post.
ILGM resent 5 seeds that did not germ. Awesome…Also
I have these four AK-47 Auto Flowers going. They are about 41 days old.
Here is a pic.

Do these girls look on track.

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I’d say they look on track for 41 days. I’ve grown AK47 autos and they only got to 22” tall

Thanks Matty,
Actually the big one is a little older, So she will go first but they look so small.
I have 5 more of the same seeds but i have Crystal Fem that i think i will try next. Depends on the harvest. I really like seeing those big plants. Have you done that strain before.
I’ll post more pics later when they get closer.
Thanks again,

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I haven’t run the Crystal… yet, lol. I have so many seeds and just bought Blue Dream and Maui Wowie too. Keep me posted bud! Love seeing photos!

Hahaha I totally forgot I have an AK47 auto going now too! She’s just a baby in my veg tent. Man I’m a stoner lol.

What size nuggets do these little critters make.
The big one is definitely in the nugget mode.

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The main cola on mine was big! Decent on weight, but not the most I’ve pulled from an auto either. Really good smoke tho!