AK -47 Auto Flower Help


Hey Every One,

Its been a while since i posted. I hope you all are well.
As for my first grow. WOW what a learning curve.
Between the outside grow, the inside grow, the transplant and three clones i tried. I bit off a little more than i should of. So on to my second grow and my question. I have four AK-47 auto flowers going. When is the best time to switch from veg lights to grow lights.
I have 2 dual 600W HID and 2 dual 450W LED Lights.
And is there any other tips you may have. These seem to grow really different than my other grow.
Thanks all,


I would change them at first sign of pistols :+1:
Which is normally around the third week with autos from my experience


I like you’re frame! Did you build that yourself?


Hey Mattybear,

I did indeed and i am so happy with it. As long as it don,t fall.
I got tired of all the rope and dealing with each light up down up down.
One pull does it all. I made it out of some scrap aluminum.


I’m a DIY lover lol. I’m not the best at it so I like seeing what other people do and adjust to my needs. I’m following along!


Thanks, I’m right there with that time.
I cant wait to see end results.

Thanks again


Hey bud i was just thinking with autos if you have leds with veg / bloom switches i would keep them both on with autos first he whole grow
The others change bulbs when you see first pistols


Thanks, it happens that is what i did with the leds and am switching to HPS bulbs tonight.
Thanks guy


nice light rack!


Wow very clean space @havenfuninthesun I’ll be following along bro


I’m going to try this because i do not know how to continue with my post.
ILGM resent 5 seeds that did not germ. Awesome…Also
I have these four AK-47 Auto Flowers going. They are about 41 days old.
Here is a pic.

Do these girls look on track.


I’d say they look on track for 41 days. I’ve grown AK47 autos and they only got to 22” tall


Thanks Matty,
Actually the big one is a little older, So she will go first but they look so small.
I have 5 more of the same seeds but i have Crystal Fem that i think i will try next. Depends on the harvest. I really like seeing those big plants. Have you done that strain before.
I’ll post more pics later when they get closer.
Thanks again,


I haven’t run the Crystal… yet, lol. I have so many seeds and just bought Blue Dream and Maui Wowie too. Keep me posted bud! Love seeing photos!


Hahaha I totally forgot I have an AK47 auto going now too! She’s just a baby in my veg tent. Man I’m a stoner lol.


What size nuggets do these little critters make.
The big one is definitely in the nugget mode.


The main cola on mine was big! Decent on weight, but not the most I’ve pulled from an auto either. Really good smoke tho!