AK-47 Auto day 59, 8 wk 3 days


@Nwmp it is almost exactly 20" high, 20" wide.
For the first 6 weeks it was grown under blue heavy LED spectrum with 6500K T5HO supplements. (LED was built by MARSAQUA, and I modified the diodes to be more plant friendly while retaining a lot of the 450-460nm blue diodes.)

I then bought a PFW 640 for the tent and am glad I did, I really like the fixture I got, it has done a great job growing IMO.

The smell is overpowering my 4x12" carbon filter, I can smell it when I walk in the house now and that’s a little alarming…
Calyx’s are definitely bulking up this week, turning red and purple, and are super sticky.

BTW: how do you get resin off your fingers? I was checking trichs yesterday and my fingers were so sticky my keyboard was sticking to my hand. Soap apparently doesn’t remove resin…

Here todays picture:


I was taught to use either butter or margarine as the fats bond to the resin and come right off which you could use in food if you like to make an edible or 2. This is the best way I’ve found so far.


Wow she is absolutely beautiful! Love her colors. Did you do any training on her? I have one at 32 days and don’t know what I’m going to do with her.


Looking very nice. I use an alcohol soaked cotton ball to get resin off my fingers.


@Missiles I did LST to keep the side branches spread outward so that light hits the bud sites, and some minor selective defoliation over the course of several weeks, however it was fairly evident that the plant did not like this training method (defoliation) when i performed it during early flower. 2-3 days after she drooped and looked generally pissed off.


I started out doing LST on mine but she has taken off so much lately I don’t know what to do.
I don’t want to piss my girl off at the moment lol


Mr Cannucks grow, Dr Autoflower, aMAEsing Autoflowers, Lex Blazer, and From Seed to Stoned on youtube are all great resources. Ive watched every video they have lol.

I however like Cannucks grow method the best, well for that matter any living soil method where synthetics and salts aren’t used. Organic all the way!


I love Mr cannuck and seed to stoned. I follow him on Snapchat too


Just an update.
The Trichomes are now mostly milky with very few amber and few clear.
I think at the end of this week of flushing it will be time, and she will be at 12 weeks exactly from germination on Saturday.

Most of the pistils are also orange, roughly 60-70% or so.

Its getting exciting now! haha

Does anyone recommend watering before harvest? discontinue watering? blackout period?
What do you guys think?


Does anyone have a suggestion about when to harvest this strain specifically?


Well the chop is official.
This morning she was chopped.
Took the main cola off separate from the rest and hung them side by side from a clothes hanger in the tent with the lights off.

Right now I am debating if I need to run the fan on low at the bottom or just leave the carbon filter and inline fan running for air movement / exchange.

Thoughts? @raustin @Sixpackdad

Temp is 68-72, humidity now is 45-55%


Congrats @42OhCan!

I do not hang my plants. I am a paper bag dryer. I chop to reasonable size branches that will fit in a paper grocery bag; trim and manicure as much as possible; then put about two layers of bud in the bag for about 5-7 days. I let them breath daily and check for bud rot.


As long as your inline fan is going and there’s good air movement then you don’t need to use the smaller fan, though it couldn’t hurt.


yeah, temp and humidity seem stable.
temp has been 68-72 and humidity at 45-55%

The 204CFM vivosun inline fan and carbon filter are turned on high and have been for weeks that’s about it right now as far as air exchange. nothing is blowing directly on them, just the air exchange from the inline fan and carbon filter.

Today they are all wilted and sad looking… its weird to see it like that.


For anyone still reading this post.

At 8 days I removed the buds from the tent drying.
They went through a serious of smell changes (interesting and good) during this period.
The end was a concentrated version of how the plant smelled during flowering.

Total yield was 122 grams, or 4.3 ounces of very nice bud.

The buds overall are quite dense and extremely sticky and resinous.

I tried some tonight, and its effects can simply be described as “complete bliss and contentment”

little over a quarter pound of cannabis from 1 plant isn’t too bad is it?