AK-47 & Amnesia Haze Autoflower, Sativa or Indica dominant?


I’m thinking about ordering one of these two strain and saw they’re both listed as 50%-50% Sativa, Indica which is different than what is shone in the feminized group. Plus the yields don’t jive. This is the AK-47 Medium (±120 gr/m² - ±4 oz/3ft²) and this is the Amnesia Haze, Low (±210 gr/m² - ±7 oz/3ft²). Is this just a type-O or am I missing something?


I’m growing both right now. The amensia is gonna have a larger yield. They are both dominant sativas


Would they be the same percentage as the feminized?


Thc levels? Fem are higher in thc than autos.


No, in regards to being Sativa dominant.


Ak47 about 65% sativa and Amnesia about 85%