Airy buds not dense

Just curious if I did something wrong or not but after drying my buds became more airy than dense. Any ideas?

Either lack of light or too high temperatures


Also, if you harvest way before they’re ready.


Any of the above. What is the size of your grow space and what do you have for light? Also, do you have any pictures of your plant right before harvest?

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8x4’ tent

3- white widow autoflowers

RDWC system

5 gallon reservoir

1/10 hp water chiller




950 gph air pump

2-2”x4” air stone in each bucket

12” oscillating fan

2-6” fans

1-1200w king plus led

2-400w hipargero COBs

2-HLG Quantum 288 boards

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

General hydroponics maxi series

Water spill sensor.

WiFi digital temp/rh probe

Last day before harvest #’s

Ph level 5.8

PPM flushing

Water temp 64.3

Air temp 78.9

RH 49.9

You are probably under lit by decent amount, but that’s thumb eyeballing other lights. Do you have any pics of buds still on plant? How long did you flush for?

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Pic right before harvest. Flushed with ph5.8 ro water 5 days then next 2 days ro5.8 water with florakleen

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@dbrn32 that pic they were nice and tight. Just after drying 7 days became airy. Dry tent was 69F-71F Rh 50%

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They don’t look like you harvested early, but you may have flushed longer than need be. It seems like most of the hydro guys are pretty content with a couple days.

I did that a week ago on my 2nd grow now so I will know now


I was at 117 days on an autoflower. It had a good 10-15% amber

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The pre harvest pics look good. Nice and fat.
I’m guessing underlit as well.
Are some of the buds from top colas nearest the light dense, or are they all larfy?
50%rh is a bit low for drying.

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I got 1/2 gallon jar with some ok dense buds the others what were pictured. This is right before harvest 2 back plants

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1200w king plus - 235w
450w hipargirox2- 400w
Qb288x2, Hlg-240- 250w
885w total in a 4’x8’ tent. I’m assuming those 3 plants weren’t using all the sq footage, but depending on where your lights were I think your issue is lack of quality lighting.

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Ok make sense now thanks. On the 3 plants was in a 4x4 area with the 2 400w and 2 hlg’s


If you were growing in a Scrog, with all the colas at the same height, you might have had a bit less larf. There’s just not enough light penetration with led’s to be underlit. The top buds get dense, but everything below 6’-8’ comes out airy.

Don’t feel bad. I had a few wayyyyy underlit grows too.

I seem to be constantly adding more lights…and more plants.

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@drinkslinger looking at more lights now. Picked up a 600w hps light last week. That was with a net over the 4x4 area they just kept turning up I eventually let them go


You’re going for all the lights, blurple, hps, Qb, cob…

Every grow is a lesson.


The 600 watt hps will do everything the king and hipargero lights will do combined.
The two 288 boards, is that on something like a 260 xl kit?

@dbrn32 not sure what it was sold to me as and what it was we’re 2 different things. Someone on this forum caught the error and told me they were 288’s after seeing pics of the boards and driver.