Airy bud growth

My buds are airy not dense will they get that way

Strain and environment

Too much heat
Light insufficient
Stuff like that

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The temp goes up to 77 f the light 800 watt led any tips on lights

From the little information I have it could be strain or nutrients. Also your led isn’t 800watts, it’s the model name not the actual power draw from the wall

It’s 1000 watt but I know it’s really 800 you lose some with led

here is what she looks like

Stretching and long internodal spacing tells me it’s light and nute starved.
Still you have 5-6 weeks to go so maybe they will fill in better and give some density

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Light may be too far away also

Do you give half nutes now

We are talking about you not me :slight_smile:

Nute strength varies depending on where you are in the grow.

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This girl is not on a normal schedule I vegged for 6o day’s so not sure just compost tea for food it’s a auto alien og first time in soil

You do t veg autos for 60 days. You dont veg autos, they veg you.


Wasnt ready that’s why I did what I did

I was of the understanding that autos are on their own shortened schedule and even if you wanted to veg for 60 days the plant would 'auto’matically Kick into flower when she’s programmed to. I haven’t looked into the strain but if you do, I think you’ll find an explanation there in regards to her life cycle.

I have an ak47 feminized that is really bushy meaning lots of leaves. The light doesn’t penetrate well and only the top bids are tight. It’s annoying.

Would you say these autos will be airy? 7 days since flowers showed and they are 33 days old under 1000 w metal halide .

How long is seed to harvest 60 to 75 days so on

You have a long ways to go still… Atleast 6 to 9 more weeks to go… :wink:
Keep them happy and they will get fat… in a week and a half switch to a 1000 watt hps and you’ll be happy… :wink:
For that much light you should have a table of meds… look up (scrogg ) … :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:

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Thank you and I will switch to hps

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