Airflow (budrot) issues vs Hermie Risk


Cherry pie was my first grow several years ago. looking back I made so many mistakes, didn’t know what I was doing, cutting fan leaves off on a daily basis ph was off quite a lot, didnt have even a self made grow tent the list goes on
but they all turned out good. no hermies


Yeah im making allot of silly mistakes myself with the mother in regards to leaving lights on and not disolving salts properly which messed up my PH and continued to feed N on top of worm castings… silly stuff.

But knowing yours didnt turn makes me feel better but im kinda over the mother plant now. Ill take care until the end but wont be bothered if i gotta cut her down.


How did you find the smoke?


Thats my plan for the next week


I did smoke a little and took about 4 bong hits and was pretty messed up for a couple hours. I normally dont get high i grow for my wife (Medical purposes) but wanted to test it out. It is a creeper type so the high comes on gradual or should I say it takes a while to get there.The smoke was good.


Ok not allot of detail there but thats ok :sweat_smile: i guess ill find out… might make for good edibles