Airflow (budrot) issues vs Hermie Risk


As some of you know from my journal, ive put my 3 week flowering cherry Pie back into vegetation accidentally. I flipped it back immediately to 12/12.

The plant is extremely bushy to say the least. I know it needs a prune but im worried if i prune this late in flower and already stressing her with the lighting error it may push her over the edge and turn her hermie.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated


Check out this post…

Hope it helps



Nice plant dude! Looks like a damn live oak under that canopy!


Definitely a handful for a first time grow


Yeah i get how beneficial pruning is :slight_smile: read my question again :wink:


Those fans blowing up through the plant like that are bad news. But you do want good airflow through the plant, so I recommend pruning everything below the screen, at least. You might take some of the larger, older fan leaves, too. You could also raise your light some to get her to stretch more. There’s not much spacing between the nodes, and that will contribute to the poor airflow if left unchecked.


Why are the fans below bad news?


Air blowing directly on the plant will cause the stomata to close, and they won’t transpire correctly.


The fans you see have a rotating front on them so the air is not constantly blowing direct air on them . And they are drinking & feeding well.

I had to make the best airflow in the little space i have.

Airflow issues vs hermie risk…hmmm

Just so you know Cherry Pie strain is very prone to going Hermie more than other strains. Hence the reason for my concerns


Have a look at my grow journal. I had two fans, setup just like that, and every plant/strain I grew in that setup seemed to stop feeding properly once they got into flowering. Once I changed my fan configuration, problems went away…but I had to shut down shortly after that due to a move.

Poor airflow will definitely cause problems, one way or another. But too much air directly on the plant will cause problems also. The smaller fan above the canopy is probably enough airflow by itself for just the one plant. Once the underside has been pruned, that small fan blowing across the canopy how it is in the picture, especially if it oscillates, will be plenty, in my opinion.


I’m also just seeing that rod I thought was the edge of a scrog screen is just your tent’s frame. You might just try spreading her out a bit before you cut anything off.


Yeah i had a screen but i cut it out to spread her out. This plant is just a problem :sweat_smile:

Ok, 'lI remove fans from under & raise the lights and put one of the fans above. And do a light prune once a week as @basementstealth suggested in my journal. If it hermies, it hermies

When i had the screen in


Just prune a little at a time, and I’m sure she’ll remain a she.


I guess its hermie vs budrot essentially…

Thanks @elheffe702


No worries, try not to stress about it too much…defeats the purpose lol


Its a 50/50 grow … the mother is a MOFO but her clones are beautiful.

My aim was to grow a monster plant, and i achieved that to a point. But as it turned out my tent is too small for her.

Bitter sweet grow for sure…her clones


At least it is a mold resistant strain. So that may play into your favor.


air blowing too strong on the plants from any direction is not good,
an oscillating fan on low is usually not too much.

i do agree that Green could probably shut one fan off and only use one on the cannopy.

idk how u get good air circulation if air is not blowing on the plants…???
if air is not blowing on the plants u will have problems.!
my plants get a blanket of air across them from top to bottom for 23 hrs a day.!
it is a gentle leaf rustling breeze.!!


Fans directly under the canopy blowing up through it look like they’d do more than that! But good information, thank you :+1:


Just selective prune a little here and a little there to minimize stress