Air stones clogging up

Wondering if anyone could help me out I’m having trouble with airstones clogging up from the micro nutrient. Does anyone have any tips on types to use or ways to stop them clogging up.
Currently using the disc type with a base on them, they’re quite expensive so I’m looking for a cheaper option or a way to clean them.

I just got my first, so it hasn’t had a chance to clog, but I figured I’d just soak it in vinegar overnight.

My advice is to keep an eye on it during the grow mine clogged up real bad without me realizing it starving them of oxygen in flower. I tried soaking them boiling water but still no good think I’ll have to get some new ones.

Best option is to go with a plastic type.

you can pull em apart n hose the grit outta them. Pet shop oughta have em. Unless airstones are cleaned regularly, they will eventually block up and blow the valve in your air pump worse case scenario. It has happened with my fish tanks.

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I keep a spare set and every three to 4 weeks i pull the set im currently using and put on a clean set and soak the others in vinegar a couple days rinse let dry then use them next


smart money says your micronutrient solution contains humic acid. It is great for plants, not so good for stones. I ended up switching to powdered nutes cuz they run a cleaner reservoir

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I soak mine in peroxide and hot water and then I blow through them with my 150 psi air compressor and soak one more time and repeat with the air compressor and store in a lil plastic tote until I need them… I also have enough of them to swap out new ones while the old ones are soaking…
And I use the medium round air stones… haven’t had any issues… the ones that your describing are expensive and tend to get clogged by the roots growing around them to fast… :wink:
Also as @bryan had mentioned , your nutrients my not be for hydro either…

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