Air stone lifespan

They are good for one or max two cycles…and they don’t make enough bubbles.
Is any secret way to bring them alive again ( but for good not for two weeks) ? Or just throw to trash ?


I use ceramic air stones and bleach them out now and then, seem to last forever or until you drop it and break it.

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I’ve dealt with air-stones and fish tanks for years. Somewhat different using them in fish tanks than for teas but…
When using for teas right after your finished brewing and have applied the tea (I leave them running until I get to the cleaning process) you’ll want to wash them off with running water and an old tooth brush and then after cleaning I hook them back up to pump and let run upside down for awhile. I’ve been using the same stones for about a year or so making teas about every 3-4 weeks.
I use these but unless the stones are the Walmart type brand little ones that go into aquarium tubes they should last a long time if maintained.
This is my pump

And air stones.

I avoid using bleach but that’s just me.
If the pump you use is under powered that can also cause premature failure as the air flow may not be enough to keep the pores clear etc.

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hey mate, I soak them in 1% hydrogen peroxide topping it up with peroxide each day, then I blow them out with 90 psi air from a compressor… I have heard u can use enzymes too… theni leave them to dry in the sun… :smiley:

thanks guys, I get bleach and I have compressor :slight_smile:

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