Air Source Heat Pump Electric Water Heaters

Let’s talk about how the relatively new technology of air source heat pump hot water heaters might be relevant to the goals of home growers.

What are they? Air source heat pump electric water heaters, or hybrid electric water heaters, work similarly to conventional electric water heaters but with the addition of a heat pump (similar to an air conditioner) to lower the electrical consumption. They pull heat from the air of the room they’re in (hopefully a basement or unheated space), and then heat a big tank of potable water.

Why is this relevant to grow rooms? Because heat pump water heaters pull heat and humidity out of the air we feed into them, either in the room with them or through an air duct to another location. Additionally, they produce clean condensate water, although the jury is still out on whether that’s safe to drink. It’s safe for plants, unless you have some air quality issues like mold or lead dust. For anyone who is consistently dehumidifying and cooling their grow area, one of these units could offer a significant reduction in electrical consumption for your grow and hot water heating.

Is this for me? Do you grow in your basement near your current hot water heater (or near where a water heater could be installed? If you do, then you should consider having one put in. If you’re growing in a spare bedroom, it might not be easy for you to find a synergy between your grow and your water heater. The question of feasibility or return on investment is absolutely case by case, but it seems like something grow room owners should be aware of.

These heaters are much more expensive than conventional electric or gas heaters, but your utility company may offer deep instant rebates