Air Pump Broke Again

The aquarium pump I’ve been using crapped out on my. I mix about 3 gals of tea concentrate at a time. Anybody got a favorite one? I want one the really cranks.

I really like this one. Aerates my grow vessel, return, and my mix - been running it for 3 grows with no problems other than load. Not as quite as aquarium pumps- but you will never go back.

AquaMiracle 1200GPH High Pressure Commercial Air Pumps for Aquarium, Pond, Hydroponics, Fish Farm and Seafood Restaurant

If you are looking for something quiet and small, this one works quite well for me. I use it for my cloner and early veg setups.

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Going through multiple air pumps isn’t very common. Any chance you are siphoning water back into them? There are check valves for the lines if you think is a possibility.

I use one that has four hoses coming from it

Make sure ur air pump is up high so it doesnt suck water back into the pump so it doesnt burn out

I run check valves on them and change them out every year. I’ve just been buying cheap o Walmart aquarium pumps.

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Seems like you have it handled