Air pots worth the price?

Using a 3 gal fabric pot. I think it’s a geo pot. Have a little change in my pocket goin jingle jangle and was thinking about giving an air pot a try. Anybody ever use one? Kinda pricey fabric pot was $3 and air pot $15 Have to be magic or a gimmick for that price


The first pic is 5 gallon vs 5 gallon and the second is 2 gallon vs 2 gallon pots.

air pots and smart pots both work amazingly well at increasing cannabis plant growth. A few years ago I even did a side-by-side grow with a regular pot for comparison. From my experience, I don’t think either air pots or smart pots are inherently better than the other. They are both very effective at increasing the vegetative growth rates of your cannabis plants, and they work by doing essentially the same thing - bringing in air from the sides.

Smart pots make cannabis grow faster by bringing extra air to the roots from the side

As far as I can tell, the major differences between the two is mostly physical. Air pots are taller/thinner and made of plastic, while smart pots are wider/shorter and are made of fabric.

If you’re trying to stuff a bunch of plants in a small space, you might want an air pot since they’re thinner, however plants become tippy if they get tall.

If you have a shorter space, you may opt for a smart pot to save a few extra inches of height, and a smart pot is less tippy so it’s more suited to growing outdoors, or any time you’re growing a big plant.

Personally, I like smart pots better, but mostly just because I prefer fabric over plastic.


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