Air-Pot vs Fabric Pot vs Root Trapper II


I’ve only used standard fabric pots for my grows.
What I find is the fabric breathes so much the medium/soil dries quickly and during watering the water bleeds through the sides.
I was wondering if this occurs with the Air-Pot or the Root Trapper II as much as it does with the standard dark grey fabric pots?



I’m really not sure. What I am sure of is that there is someone here in grow land that wi know
I myself would like to know cause I pan on switching from 5 gal plastic bucket s to the 10 gal smart pots.



I’m using those fabric groceries bags. The edges have been drying fast, so for the past 6 weeks everyday of other day is to pour water around the edge of the bag to keep it damp. This really has helped.


I went with the 5 gallon Root Trapper II bags.
I’m sure they will be an improvement over my cheap grey fabric pots. My old fabric pots were inexpensive. They seeped water out the sides during watering like crazy.


Keep us informed cause I’m going to need new pots


I saw this TV show on discovery channel on marijuana growing and this one group were using the back cloth pots anyone see that show it was on Saturday night I believe ?





I have had awesome success with the black fabric pots on my first grow, ive noticed that the water does bleed through the sides but only when ive over watered, I am using the big 2 gallon, or maybe 2.5 gallon pots and havent had any issues with the soil drying out, I keep my airflow up into the canopy though, not much air hitting the pots.
Thats my $.02, :grin:



Your $0.2 is worth every penny lol
Just kidding, thank for your input cause I was leaning that way the black pots you just made my mind up. For that I Thank You Sir…

My next grow will be All Auto with the exception of five Gold Leaf.
So I’m in the middle of remodeling the room. Hung the 1000 watt HPS and will hang another later then all new ducking. Going to hang 4 air hoods. The kinda hoods you have above your stove in the kitchen. They will suck the hot air up into the aditic.
Four air fans will be sucking air from under the floorboards of the room should keep the heat in check.Sweeeeeeeet !


I like that idea, I think you just returned the favor, lol.
I never thought about a commercial updraft or downdraft for heat extraction in my grow.


Hi, I have used the black pots for years and love them, I also have brown ones to. I have fans blowing all over and never had any drying of dirt? The one downfall is after several uses they start to give a little and the dirt settles in the middle of pot. I started with the dirt about 2 inches from the top and after six weeks of veg. The dirt had settled to about seven inches from the top? I had to take these plants and repot them into over sized pots because they were to fat in the middle to go in a normal pots. I now replace these pots every few years Mike. P.S, I don’t know anything about a bag with root trapper?


Not sure about the Root Trapper ?
Anyway I’ll post some pic’s shortly.
Oh I don’t think I told you all, but my next grow hopefully will be grown without store bought nutrients.
The grow of the the four kinds have not received any nutrients as of yet and there in their 6th maybe 7th week from seed.