Air movement debate

So me and a buddy (he is on 4th grow) are in a debate about how much air movement should be on plants that are month old from germination I feel more air is better for strengthening them he thinks it’s to much air and stunting growth. Just adding it’s not directly blowing on plants

Depends on the situation. I have my tower fan pointing at the back wall and oscillating on 2 (3 blew my plants over) that way the air is deflected and not directly blowing. What each plant can take varies. As a general rule tho I give them the max they can handle without blowing over.


Airflow is incredibly important. It ensures a steady flow of CO2, prevents mildew, mold, helps manage temps and humidity at the canopy, and strengthens plant structure.

I keep a lot of air going over my plants of any age and have never experienced stunted growth. I always have a fan blowing directly on each plant.


Personally I think it has made my foundation very strong they are really stout but he thinks it’s not healthy but it’s my first grow so I’m up for all opinions. Also about watering I’m in 3 gallon fabric bags should I water till run off of just light water

Pictures? Support ticket?

Need to know a little more to address watering. Some autos/phenos may not be all that big after a month of growth. Their maturity can also depend on other environment factors. If your root system is well-developed in a 3-gal bag, then you should be watering to runoff and measuring pH and PPM of the runoff.

You don’t have to water till runoff every time. I know that 2 of mine in fabric pots run out after about 1/2 - 3/4 gal. so I’ll mix up 1 gallon for both of them sometimes. Ofcourse they grow and it varies but I do not water till runoff most of the time. Definitely a damp bottom but not to where I could get a sample.

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Edit: i shouldn’t have said most of the time, 2 out of every 3 waterings about just get a damp bottom. It’s also important to mention that I water very slowly and in intervals so as to not just run down the sides.

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Depends on your grow style
Using chemical ferts probably
Using living soil and natural ferts probably not.
I am now growing living soil and no till and have removed all my saucers under my plants. If some comes out at bottom it is wicked back up in short order. If for some reason I need to water heavily I will put that one in saucer etc.
I don’t check the PH or PPM of run off anymore unless for a specific issue

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