Air flow into my grow room


I thought it would be a good idea to put a vent so that I can get fresh air into my grow room now I have nothing but cold air flowing into my room causing my temperature to drop


Seems that is how it goes, fix one problem…


I just pointed my fan up to the ceiling in hopes it will circulate the heat from the electric heater I have in the room @Countryboyjvd1971, I’m up to 70 now in there


Fresh air is a good idea, if you’re experiencing temperature drop like you seem to going through , just put oil radiator you have bellow your intake or better if you have another one , keep one near your grow area and the other one bellow your intake :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:


or partially cover intake slow down exhaust with fan speed controller or my old fav add another light :wink: if you are using power to heat it may as well be adding to your yield



You don’t need that vent bringing in that cold air 42 is to cold for your plants you are going to stress them and then you’ll have big trouble.
All you need ia a fan to blow air lightly over your plants. That’s it



@Niala yes that’s what it is one of those oil heater radiator things. The problem in my house is we use a woodstove to heat the rest of the house, its currrenlty 80 in the rest of my house and the heat pump doesn’t kick on til 4am, as soon as hubby gets up, he stokes the woodstove and gets it going again. IT was 78F in my grow room til I put that vent in


I talked to my hubby, told him he needs to fix it LOL, he said he thinks he has some of that filter stuff you put in window AC units, if I find it before he gets home I am going to shove it in the vent to hopefully stop the air flow a little


How do I bring up the humidty from 40%?


plain tape and a plastic bag works too Lol with wood heat you should know the challenge of humidity control do you have an exhaust fan? if so humidity and temps can be controlled by slowing down exhaust I use a simple dimmer switch wired into power cord but they do have speed controllers


I have a circulating fan above the plants and I just checked the room, I am up to 73F so we are getting there


Swing in temperature will most probably bring you problem, like @Donaldj suggest, block your intake if you cannot fix it with the window A/C filter .


I have been battling cold temps for months and far more so last couple weeks my ambient where plants grow box is were plant killing type temps so I recirculate air from exhaust back into space and chose to add watts in place of space heaters. Went from 2 400w to a 400 and 600w which I will be changing back in next day or so since the 400 will do the trick when not trying to overcome 14f ambient of room


Pardon me for not saying this correctly but I have a huge Phat filter with one of those speed control things attached to it, I just turned it down to low, The Phat filter is going up to my attic to get rid of the smelly air, the reason I thought it would be a good idea to add the vent from my studio into my grow room is the only clean air I had coming in was from the bottom of the door but I just found the filter to put in window AC units, so I shoved it in the other side of the vent hole, I also covered up the bottom of the door going into the grow room with a towel, I have a door sweep hubby was supposed to attached to the bottom of the door, its still sitting by the door LOL


my grow is in that room of the house that is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer, go figure LOL


yes you are any where between 72 and 82 is perfect. Let me know where it settles in at ok then tonight check on them to see where it drops to you then may want to shut the fan off when the lights are off sound like a plain ?



I would gladly trade I am in an unheated shed in sub zero temps inside a house would be a blessing. Even in my crawl space was far more doable but had damn house inspector coming so had to relocate to outside house


That’s should help get the heat off ceiling @doodlebug and help maintain more even tent temperature
Sorry for the delay I’m at work today


LOL, I was just wondering that myself, was going to post a question about that, so right now I am on 24hr light cycle, tomorrow I will change to 12/12,so, with your reply, you answered my question, thanks :slight_smile:


LOL, I not in panic mode just yet . Somebodies gotta make the money round here LOL, you keep on doing your job, I will still be here, patiently…waiting LOL jk